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  1. Bumper

    recipe Manzano and Scotch Bonnet?

    Rocoto and bonnets - yum!! Two of my favourite chillies. With so few chillies, I'd be keen to make them go further and maybe make a jelly. A little salt and lime juice would be needed for me too, as salt and acid tend to help bring out the natural flavour profiles of food including chillies, as...
  2. Bumper

    Bumper's 2022-23 Australian grow

    Thanks PeriPeri. The Hippy Seed Company might be worth a try, they ship internationally and always have fresh nagabon seeds as they use it in a couple of their signature bbq sauces. They do state on their website that it will take 6+ weeks for African orders. And lol, don't get me started on...
  3. Bumper

    PaulG 2022

    Running an old but solid performer excalibur here. I get relegated to the shed when I run it due to fumes. That COSORI is sexy as, any chance it has an exhaust filtration system built in to control fumes?
  4. Bumper

    Bumper's 2022-23 Australian grow

    Thanks! Nagabon is one of my favourites too, they are just awesome for smoked powders and sauces, and that's why they're in the biggest grow bags. ;) I like to cold smoke them with cherry wood before dehydrating or making bbq sauce, they are such a versatile chilli. The others are new to grow...
  5. Bumper

    Bumper's 2022-23 Australian grow

    Hi everyone, My first chilli grow since 2017!! It's been a long time since I have been on here, I had a bad fall which shattered my elbow, snapping bones, tearing ligaments and all that fun stuff, so life went sideways for quite a while. But I'm now able to grow again and in the garden happily...
  6. Bumper

    contest VOTE! Burger Showdown Throwdown

    I admire effort and skills in photographing food, it is why cookbooks sell. You do eat with your eyes, smell and then taste after all. I go by ingredients and then how it looks, and then how I think it will taste. The effort people put in here is just awesome, most of all I hope people had fun...
  7. Bumper

    Turbo's 2nd Chilli Season in North Queensland - Hydroponic Build

    Awesome growth rates turbo.
  8. Bumper

    Smokenmirraz Melbourne Miracle

    Agree, super long season - not complaining though!!   I have mine in a courtyard, we had a -4c a week ago and the plants took a burn to their tips and that was it. still loaded with pods ripening.  With the heavy rain I will pull another couple of kgs before they are done.  
  9. Bumper

    The BUM is back for 2016

    Buy crowns if you can.  I bought 4 crowns and had loads of asparagus from the first year of planting.  Should be able to pick them up at a local garden centre pretty easily.  Mine like to be buried reasonably deep and a good dose of compost each year.  
  10. Bumper

    contest BEGIN! Burger Showdown Throwdown

    Never seen so much ooze on a burger, looks delicious Rymerpt
  11. Bumper

    contest VOTE! Second Annual Memorial Day User-land BBQ Contest

    I must confess the bun makes me a little nervous with the colour, but the flavours would get me through the door any night of the week. 
  12. Bumper

    Extreme membership renewal

    Just renewed mine through the store links at the top of the page rather than the invoice on the email - it gives you a few drop down options to choose from.  
  13. Bumper


    Breakkie wrap   Smoked red bhut jelly BBQ sauce bacon eggs cheese jalapenos caramelised balsamic vinegar onions fried tomatoes     
  14. Bumper

    contest BEGIN! Burger Showdown Throwdown

    Me too. So much awesome.  Building a breakkie wrap at the moment, started with the usual smoked ghost chilli jelly, bacon and eggs that I have every weekend.  Now after following another TD, it has these, plus cheese, jalapenos, smokey bbq sauce, cooked tomatoes, balsamic vinegar onions...    
  15. Bumper

    contest BEGIN! Burger Showdown Throwdown

    On my 28" monitor it is bigger than my head.  Looks amazeballs to me!!
  16. Bumper

    contest BEGIN! Burger Showdown Throwdown

    Holy crap, JayT is Sia?   
  17. Bumper

    contest VOTE! Second Annual Memorial Day User-land BBQ Contest

    Looks tasty!  Yet to do or try a cedar plank salmon...  
  18. Bumper

    Happy Birthday Hogleg!

    Happy birthday Hoggy!!  Hope you had an awesome day.  Sounds like you did!  
  19. Bumper

    contest BEGIN! Burger Showdown Throwdown

    Awesome burger TC!
  20. Bumper

    Meatfreak's 2016 GloG

    Just received some seeds of your scotch brain from Trident, really looking forward to growing these out next season.  I'll isolate some to keep growing it out.  All the best for a bumper season.