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    It's a cannabis thing nothing more
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    off-topic Good Mornin' Thread - For those that get up really early and post

    Morning all. Cool and foggy here in SW Washington. Headed out for Chanterelles, Lobsters, COWs and Boletes in a few hrs.
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    If I'm not to late I'd like #13 box #3 from Walchit $175
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    Crap! Is this bean mosaic or some other issue ...and did it spread to so.e to.ato starts?

    Growth has exceeded pot size and no longer pulling full spectrum of ferts from soil. Transplant, they'll recover. Beans for me do far better planting directly into garden vs starts.
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    sick plants

    You got them in Oct at end of growing season. Then semi over wintered inside it looks like. I'd gently repot in a better quality potting mix. That red mulch is not a good growing mix. Flush the roots and replant. No fertilizer for 3 weeks, there's enough in the soil at transplant. It is...
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    2019 Xmas/New Years Food Prep.

    Christmas Feast: 2 days in on a 10 day dry age 12lb, 5 bone choice grade rib roast.
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    fermenting Fermenting Sauerkraut

    I used 2% seasalt by weight. Kept on counter 24 days. Super sour, excellent mild and squeaky. This one is in my fridge now. I started 7/27/19
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    Happy Birthday Dragon and Chewi

    Happy Birthday pepper brothers. :cheers:
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    Still Lame.

    Well crap I missed out on the fun. :cheers:
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    misc f@#$ it im drinking ;)

    Well I'm home, slammin 24oz twisted teas. Burp, spins, buuuuurrrrppp.
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    Bonnie plant thread! post your plants and success/failures

    I only have two remaining Bonnie plants. Just cant get my plants this yr to actually grow. I suspect to much blood meal at plant roots when transplanted, despite growing in premium rich potting soil (Fox farm) I've neglected my grow this yr, lacking in every aspect possible. Here's my...
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    pics Harvest

    Dbl post
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    pics Harvest

    So busy with work my garden has been neglected for a month or more. Decided to rescue what I could this morning. Sri Lanka (green pile) Guindilla (large centered pods) Hot yellow thai Random tomatoes
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    Pepper People are the Best

    Well Thank you Reggie. Wonderful surprise to get today Warrantman Arson Salt, Suicide Sauce and pretty cool card. And!!!! Dried Reapers. Dude, thanks so much buddy.
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    Help with growing schedule for Edema

    Try placing a tray under the pots. Put a half inch of water in it to wick back into the pot and diminish the stress from over transpiration. With pots so small I think edema is just a given in your current situation and watering needs..
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    MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    Holy meat a palooza!! You've shared some greats but Damn son, that looks devine!! That pineapple, drooolll!!! Nothing short in your game, that's 1st place master level right there! :cheers: