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  1. Burning Colon

    Can anyone confirm Ground Cherry?

    it is a ground cherry. i grow several every year and have so for many years. i grow aunt molly's variety and usually wait for the pod to fall off the plant. earwigs seem to like eating the leaf and another beetle that i haven't identified likes mating on the leaves and i am guessing they too...
  2. Burning Colon

    Hey from Ontario (the one in Canada)

    welcome, i moved to Ontario a couple of years ago, still trying to figure things out in the sandy soils of Lake Huron. goji berry planted from seeds a few years ago are looking good! nanking cherries sprouted last year.   enjoy
  3. Burning Colon

    labels Label Applicator

    not sure if you have done this or not but maybe change your search term to label dispenser and specify clear coat sensor.   i use to sell label applicators and all the stuff to go along with that type of solution. Label Aire and Label mill with Label Aire being the high end solution and...
  4. Burning Colon

    is this insect a good guy or a bad guy?

    i believe it is a hoverfly, 1 of 6000 possible species and yes to both of your questions. the adult eats nectar and pollinate, the larvae consume lots of aphids. they are commonly mistaken for bees or wasps. the big kick is to get honeybees for pollination but there are so many plants that...
  5. Burning Colon

    not sure what i am doing wrong but i guess i have to add content this way. my tradition is to...

    not sure what i am doing wrong but i guess i have to add content this way. my tradition is to soak my seeds overnight in chamomile tea, then plant on Christmas day. nothing religious, just found if i soak my seeds overnight and in the morning after the wife and kids are done rifling through...
  6. Burning Colon

    starting seeds tonight

    starting seeds tonight
  7. Burning Colon

    soil Fertilizing soil vs soilless

    when you say soil are you talking in ground or in container?  
  8. Burning Colon

    "Thai Chile" identification

    see if this article helps narrow down your search....... that is assuming the pepper is actually a thai variety, it may come from a chili plantation that farms GMO product for best growing results.  we get packaged chilis in our grocery stores labeled thai chili.  ...
  9. Burning Colon

    DF 2018 Veg Grow log

    rosemary is a desert plant, likes dry sandy soil and very low water. if you over water the plant will start to die and you may experience a powdery mildew on the leaves.   you can also propogate rosemary in just a glass of water, then you can watch the roots sprout and transplant when you are...
  10. Burning Colon

    Berry Varieties

    sorry for the delay Dru, I don't usually log in and just view as guest, plus i think i have notifications turned off.   so, i have 2 Borealis plants, 1 Berry Blue, 1 Tundra and 1 Polar Jewel.  The Berry Blue and Polar Jewel are suppose to be pollinators.   according to the university of...
  11. Burning Colon

    Berry Varieties

    i'm in zone 3a, still cold and still got snow!   I have red raspberries, goji berry, haskcap and black currant.   The raspberries are several years old and in containers to keep them from spreading. The goji is around 30 years and I am constantly ripping up shoots as they put out runners. 5...
  12. Burning Colon

    DF 2018 Veg Grow log

    i found if i started zucchini(similar to pumpkin or cucumber) too early and top watered the plants they would rot at the surface level and when the plant would die, i noticed the plant would be all plant and no root. it may have been all the energy went into the leaves and the weight of the...
  13. Burning Colon

    i replaced the faucet on my 40 year plus kitchen sink but after looking at the sink connection...

    i replaced the faucet on my 40 year plus kitchen sink but after looking at the sink connection feel back on black electrical tape. can still see marcia and greg brady doing the nasty on my kitchen counter top!!!
  14. Burning Colon

    wine Spicy pumpkin wine

    i've done rhubarb wine but that is where i would draw the line on anything other than berries or fruit. my french canadian mother-in-law made me a bottle of carrot wine 15 years is still in the basement unopened.   hope your wine has plenty of flavour.
  15. Burning Colon

    with new LED technologies you can wire it, run it off a 12v battery and they can see you from...

    with new LED technologies you can wire it, run it off a 12v battery and they can see you from the Space Station.
  16. Burning Colon

    I'll Be Moving

    my parents owned a farm in Teeswater that my sister and her husband ran and i worked on in the summers and weekends. i worked on a pig farm in Holyrood at age 14/15 for the summers and when chores were done we jumped in the truck and headed to lake huron, 15 minutes away for a dip to cool down...
  17. Burning Colon

    I'll Be Moving

      close, kincardine/port elgin. have a sister in petrolia nieces and nephews in the london area. mother in north bay and sisters in guelph brother in waterdown. the wife's family is in port colborne area.     thank you, i was born and raise in south western ontario but i am an albertan in heart...
  18. Burning Colon

    potato fruit

    not giving photo fucket a penny! here is a youtube video, not mine, but referencing the potato fruit.  
  19. Burning Colon

    I'll Be Moving

    thought i would retire here in the beautiful city of Calgary but i have to move. Calgary is in the Province of Alberta and I am destined for a move to the Province of Ontario approximately 1,500 miles away.   i lost my job in the 2008 recession and have never been able to secure full time...
  20. Burning Colon

    potato fruit

    forget to attach the pics.