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    2021 Late Glogs

    I hope so, I'm way more confident for the season than I was 1 month ago. Out of my 54 plants, 21 have buds and 2 of them the first flower. I'm also experimenting something about under greenhouse and inside greenhouse with cayenne plants -> for now, those outside stopped growing but, I'll talk...
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    disease pepper plant virus?

    I don't know about ghost peppers, but getting rid of the old leaves can help the plant too.
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    misc No hardening

    From last picture, it looks like they are somehow trying to stay alive. No hardening is hard but plants can catch up with a bit of time and weather luck. I had to do that this year as well, all plants were looking pretty bad 1 month ago, no they start to look decent and I have good hope for the...
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    2021 Late Glogs

    More than 2 weeks after, it looks like plants are starting to be ready in the greenhouse ! Some are still a bit "meh" but they should be fine.
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    Greetings from France

    Bienvenue ! I was living in Alsace till 1,5 month ago, I have now moved in les Hautes-Vosges. I always had good result with hot pepper plants in Elsass, so I bet it will be ok for you as well !
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    2021 Late Glogs

    Time for a pepper update, they are catching up and looks much better now:
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    2021 Late Glogs

    They are 30cm deep into the ground. Sun scald is very plausible at this point. They are making new growth that looks healthy. Thanks for your input ! I'm working on outside garden now, so for the following is sow: - parsnip - carots (all red, but 2 differents varieties) - bean - yellow zuchini...
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    2021 Late Glogs

    Small update: I have been re-potting a lot of plants (among others stuff, like sowing carots/beans/pumpkin). I am not yet worried, but on some plants there is white spots, others are whitish (but that is because of a huge miss of sun and good temp during May) and some have curling leafs. I do...
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    2021 Late Glogs

    It's a Crysland: but I don't think they do worldwide shipment. It's a bit expensive, but i was looking for something sturdy from the beginning as I can have heavy wind/rain and tons of snow in winter.
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    2021 Late Glogs

    Sure Pepper_Merchant, 2 pics of tomatoes/cucumber that are in the greenhouse and one from the outside. It's a 12 square meters one, (3meters x 4 meters and 2,20meters high).
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    2021 Late Glogs

    Hey people, New year, new topic for my glogs, I was thinking about starting glogs from the start but forget about it. Anyway, since my greenhouse is now settle and I have started to move plants inside, here is the first picture for 2021. In total there is 51 plants (most of them haven't been...
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    seeds Seed germination method.

    In french, but you can get the idea by just watching the video: This method is what gave me the best germination rates much better than riot roots media for example.
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    sun When is sun too harsh?

    Wilting leaves when the sun is too harsh is a nature protective mechanism for the plant. But as others said if it's too bad, you should either move them to shadow or use shadecloth.
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    seeds How early is too early to start seeds?

    This year, I have already started seedlings, just because I want early harvest for super hot next year. I will start some others superhot in late December and early January ... everything else I will start in February/March ... there is no real answers, in theory with grow light you can start...
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    pics Harvest

    Just harvested 10 cayennes
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    Few peppers

    Little update here. All plants are fine so far, cayenne are the only one ripening right now others still need some time I believe. Due to the warm weather (38-40 degrees Celsius) I have a lot of flowers/pods drops every day ... I'm planning to use fertilizer to help them (Terra Aquatica by GHE...
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    vendor croatian-seeds store

    Thanks for your feedback! I will place an order. I will give an update when I'll receive seeds and when they will be germinated.
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    vendor croatian-seeds store

    Hello, Anyone as experience with this seller: ? There is couples of varieties that interest me but I don't know if it's reliable or not. Best,
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    Tropical Storm Heading to Delaware - Help my Potted Plants!!

    Taking the pots inside is the best thing to do in your case. I wouldn't be worried about plants catching up when going back outside specially if they are healthy, root system should recover by itself.
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    Few peppers

    Here is a good example on how nasty the sun can be. I had a fruits that got a bad sunburst so I decided to remove it from plants and open it to see. We can see that some seedsĀ  become brown inside and the skin was thin where the wound is. The upper part cut in half is very good looking in my...