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    Who sells Fatallii Jigsaw seeds ?

    Fatali Jigsaw sounds awesome! Whats the heat and taste like?
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    Whoa that is a lot of dust!
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    Anyone willing to help?

    Dirty move poole55. Trying to take advantage of the kindness of the community. If you really want to know about new seeds, checkout and look at the new for 2019 section. or even better, just start a thread asking what people are excited to grow this year and if...
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    fertilizer Master Blend tomato fertilizer

    wow those look great! Good work Siv!
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    fertilizer Master Blend tomato fertilizer

    Thanks for the info!  Siv, how weak and how strong have you tried for seedlings and mature plants respectively? Black Fatalli what ratio do you use for your Kratky and has there been any sediment left at the bottom or did it stay mixed up pretty well? In the past I have used a lot of the flora...
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    Frozen Harvest - What to do with them all??

    I like to dice them up, stick them in a blender, and separate them into ice trays. Once frozen you dump them into a zippy freezer bag and you can add a cube to whatever you want all winter. 
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    powder-flake Pepper powder question

    The value is whatever the buyer is willing to give you. If it is just excess and you don't have any plans for it then it is a lot easier to let it go then if you are planning on using it. Thats a lotta dust my friend.
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    fertilizer Master Blend tomato fertilizer

    I have been thinking about trying master blend fertilizer in my hydro system. Anybody ever try it in hydro and if so how was it? Thanks in advance my friends!  
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    Andy’s 2020 grow

    good to see you haven't lost it
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    That was supposed to be a response to you being able to grow again!

    That was supposed to be a response to you being able to grow again!
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    Hell yeah! Welcome back Andrew!

    Hell yeah! Welcome back Andrew!
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    Growing/selling super hots on the side

    I sell super hots at the local farmers market and it is definitely a niche market. Honestly, I enjoy growing the pods and continuously grew too many so I needed an outlet for them so decided I would try the farmers market. It went well so I decided to grow more, then I continued to have excess...
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    Andy's King BOC pod test

    Hope you get better soon Andrew! 
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    Pumpkin Habanero Hot Sauce

    maybe a touch of nutmeg? drizzle on ice cream or mix with some cream cheese for crackers, bet it would be epic!  
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    labels Website for Creating Custom Sauce Labels?

    what size is best for a 5oz bottle? 3"x5" right?
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    The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    Congrats to all the winners and all that submitted entries! Keep up the good work! 
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    Timelapse Chilli Pepper Grow

    Cool vid!
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    Hello, from Wisconsin! Site Noobie.....

    Welcome from MN!
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    U)<now's 2016/2017 Indoor/Outdoor Glog

    Pretty sweet grow space you have there!  Good work!
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    Potting Up Sizes

    More lights = more goodies! Do it! Don't get mad, get glad!