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    seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

      I've conquered the dining room, living room AND sunroom !!!  YES!! (It's only for 12 weeks a year .... LOL!, unless the weather doesn't cooperate)
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    seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

      Tell the wife "this is the way it is" and grow your seedlings upstairs where they belong!   :dance:
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    2019 - The Farm

    I built shelving similar to that way back when I was breeding tropical fish - held a lot of glass and water ... are you sure they are sturdy enough for those germination trays?? :rofl:  ;)  :P
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    Word Association Thread

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    Teaberry Farms - 2019 Glog

      With the new farm I still need to till and lay down silage tarps.  My initial guess is that I'll need to treat the new garden area with a heavy dosing of lime first due to the acidic soil, but I'll test the soil to see how much to add before that.  For the 1st year I will just have some IBC...
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    Teaberry Farms - 2019 Glog

      My pepper grow list is on my profile minus a few, but I'll update it when everything is in the ground (doesn't count unless it's in the dirt)!
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    Teaberry Farms - 2019 Glog

    Start-up of a new farm this year and continuation of my existing raised beds.  I'll start germination of seeds in mid-Feb and continue that for about 6 weeks (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant) until it is time to plant peas, spinach, lettuce and cabbage in the ground.  Notable progress will be posted...
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    It's about time you got here!  Welcome.
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    Glad to have you here
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    Hello from Cairns, Australia

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    Note to self: Start Pepper Seeds on Feb 16/17

    Note to self: Start Pepper Seeds on Feb 16/17
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    Comfort Food Thread

      OMG yeah!  That certainly does look awesome !!
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    hot-sauce Sorry Guys Your Favorite Hot Sauce is Bad!!!

      I absolutely hate Tabasco (the sauce) ... might as well blend up cayenne and Massengill douche!   My current high for a hot sauce (substitute it instead of catsup or mustard for EVERYTHING) is Evil Ooze.  Love that stuff !!!
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    Peace from Chicago!!!

    Welcome back ... I guess your above 40 years old to forget your password and everything like that!  :party:
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    Word Association Thread

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    vendor Refining Fire Chiles

    ^^ update from above.   I received my seeds today, not bad delivery timing at all considering the New Year holiday.  Got what I ordered plus a couple of freebie packs - I will definitely grow a few of these.  Thanks.
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    What's up, HomeGirls? (Mexican Oregano)

      Good luck finding seeds, this plant is produced pretty much by propagation only.  You can get seed if you try hard enough, but then you might end up with a 0.005% germination rate which will probably be a weed seed that got accidently thrown in the pack.  Save yourself the trouble and get...
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    hello from cny

    welcome .... growing peppers is an addiction!  
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    Word Association Thread

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    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome to the site!