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    Biquinho / Chupetinho

    Juanitos... Are Sweety Drops and Biquinho the same ?
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    † † † Wafflebum's summer of Pubes † † †

    Everything is great on your Grow Log, great setup, freaking nice plants, awesome food pictures and nice pods. Congratz for all of this, I will follow your work. :party:   Nice job with your soil too by the way !!!
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    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    Nice thank you, Merci.
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    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    Is there any Sarracienas variety that can survive winter in 5a zone ? I really like those and i'd like to introduce some in my garden.
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    Trent's 2015 Grow Log (potting soil probs solved!)

    Nicely done, I wish I had that kind of talent.
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    Yellowfin2na Hydroponic Grow 2015 *PIC INTENSE*

    Inside you have to pollinate flowers by yourself. But now that you've put 'em outside, insects will do that for you.
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    Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

    What is that beauty ? It look alot like how I imagine my future cross Lemon Drop X Biquinho will be.
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    Jedisushi06 2015 Glog, The Hot Pepper Awakens

    If you open the file on your computer, rotate the picture then close it, does it save your photo on the good side ?
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    Sweety Drop Peppers

      I don't think it would remove heat... Incan Red Hot are much more than 1000shu right ?
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    Sweety Drop Peppers

    Sweety Drop are not sold fresh, seeds are not viable. I first tasted those in pasta in a restaurant and none of the 30-40 seeds I kept germinated.
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    Sweety Drop Peppers

      I've been looking for those Sweety Drops for a while now. I ordered red and yellow Biquinho seeds for this year grow. Their description corresponds with what I have tasted.   So we will find out by september/october 2015. :party: 
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    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    Alright... in fact there are 3 of them  growing from the base (it is the base of a plant that was way bigger). I'm not watering it since the moisture level seems pretty high with the bag.   I just took a look at it and the 2 pitchers are on the same plant, and I notice that the first pitcher has...
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    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    On my table in a transparent bag to keep moisture with natural light.
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    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    My Nepenthe did 2 pitchers:   This is the first one that appeared but did not change for 3 weeks, it still look like that. Do I just need to be patient or is there some I am not doing right ??
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    Teurf 2015 - Day 242 - Brew, Peppers & Mt.Washington

      Haha probably.
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    True North's 2015 grow

    Awesome setup ! I will keep an eye or two on your Glog. Good Luck :party:
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    Teurf 2015 - Day 242 - Brew, Peppers & Mt.Washington

    Wow is it me or just 5 days after ferts the difference is huge ? I know I am repeating myself but, Pink Tigers are amazing, they are way darker than what I was expecting and seems to grow very compact. (ça se dit ça ? haha)
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    contest Growdown Throwdown 2015 !!!!

    Any seeds available in Canada ? I'm in Québec.
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    My carnivorous plants [Pictures heavy]

    Very nice Maiden !! :clap: You have alot of plants and they all look perfectly healty.
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    Hello from Southern Indiana

    Greetings from Québec :welcome: