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    How often should I be fertilizing?

    How does Azomite compare with "glacial rock dust"?
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    snagglepuss's mutant candelight

    Wow, awesome variety! Would make a damn fine bonsai after being over wintered to thicken up the trunk methinks. Nice grow.
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    health What's wrong with this plant?

    Is something gnawing on the roots?
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    SB7J Community grow.

    Soon to join the ranks thanks to Pex Peppers. Starting in a week or so for an OW experiment.
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    2015 Pepper Hauls

    I have a thing for yellow peppers, they just look so damn cool. Those are lemon drop/hot lemon/aji limon etc. They are C. baccatum. Very tasty little pods with a nice manageable heat level. Sort of a mild searing heat that goes away after a minute. Makes an excellent pepper jelly that is...
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    2015 Pepper Hauls

    From a few minutes ago:        
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    HBJ 2015 - Got a box of pepper love in mail today!!!

    You know, my fatalii turned out to be a baccatum as well! In my case, aji limon. I am sure I screwed up which seeds were which. D'oh!
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    D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

    Some good poddage! Hopefully the germination rates pick up for you. Following this is exciting
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    seeds Gold Marconi seed give away!

    Cool contest, that's lots of seeds!
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    water Water PH questions

    Try not to water them until the leaves start to droop after several days. How many hours of sun do they get each day? Erecting a shade barrier for the hottest part of the day may be a good idea.
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    indoor The 72 Hour Reveal, Nil's Indoor Peppers

    Awesome! Looking forward to further installments.
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    5-1-1 fish fertilizer?
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    Peach Wasp (PL) Pod Review

    Nice! Have been waiting on this review since I saw those bad boys on your grow log. So glad to hear they taste good and are hot without being too hot.
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    Stickman's 2015 - That's All She Wrote...

    I am digging the Azomite. Definitely adding it to the list for next year to dial in the trace goodies.
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    overwintering Winter Moths!

    They are tricky to spot. I find it goes easiest at dusk/night with a flash light.
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    Your Steady Eddies

    The lemon drop do well for me every year. They grow like gangbusters from February through September, and would go beyond but for the overwhelming bug problems usually experienced by that time.
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    shade Suchen's leaning tower of shade

    Big bhut jolokia which still won't set any fruits. This is prewatering, hence the droop:     One of the lemon drops still churning out plenty of pods:     This one should be a chocolate scotch bonnet, though it looks maybe a little wrinkly? Was kept in a Solo cup overly long and may have been...
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    Pot Size Question

    You can still grow plants in small containers. A friend of mine has a bunch in 1 gallon pots. The only ones really putting out peppers are the "atomic" starfish, but there are probably 10 pods in various stages of ripening at the moment. Just know you will not get many peppers unless you grow...
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    Chocolate bell has weird leaves.

    Almost looks like the start of a pest such as spider mites, but hard to tell.