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    recipe Simple red wine vinegar sauce

    I make my own vinegar. Downside is that I don't know the concentration...
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    misc JalapenoGate

    I wonder if that's related to the "jalapeno shortage" i've heard about - unscrupulous sellers using the wrong seeds to make sales..
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    condiment Ketchup taste testers needed- limited supply

    Think big! You're going to topple the Heinz empire!
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    wanted The Group Wanted Ad for Fresh Peppers 2023 Harvest

    I'll have tepins, jalapenos, anaheim sahuaro, big jim, and poblanos for stuffing.
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    Celebrity tomatoes

    I've grown celebrity for years, those definitely don't like like them.
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    business CALIFORNIA: About to start production - what is the protocol for storing the bottles of hotsauce?

    If it's not in the CA code, you might want to check Federal code: 21 CFR 117. I'm pretty sure that has regulations for food storage. It also outlines what sort of businesses are exempt from certain regulations and what those are.
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    Ribs without a smoke ring? Blasphemy! I use charcoal to start, but with ribs (or butt or brisket), it's hickory logs for the bulk of the cook. Sometimes maybe some apple.
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    sun Hardening off and CMH HID lights

    I've found that skipping hardening results in the plants not establishing as fast, and dealing with a little bit of shock for the first week or so. But as long as there's no frost they usually recover. There can be some loss, though (I experience about 10%), so if you are able to do it I still...
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    trade-show First Farmers Market booth setup

    everything that is not BLATANTLY on signs And even then you have to explain to half of them. Big and bold! We've had people driving by the farmer's market see our banner from the street and stop because of it. That's always a good feeling :) I've seen that happen several times, and more than...
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    pics Interesting observation - chinense narrow vs broad leaf in hot greenhouse

    I think if they're perking back up it's not too much to worry about. Keep them watered and they should be fine.
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    health Please help me diagnose this habenada

    Holes in the leaves look like bug damage to me.
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    wanted The Group Wanted Ad for Fresh Peppers 2023 Harvest

    I like this, good idea!
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    pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

    3 tacos, 3 sauces
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    issue Help in diagnosing issues

    Yeah that wouldn't help, roots can't breathe. The first one doesn't look hopeful but the rest look savable. I would still try to save them all. Let the roots dry out a bit so they're not drowning. And I still think a little extra warmth will help.
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    pod Habanero's? Bonnet's?

    Look a lot more like habaneros than bonnets. That one in the first pic is big!
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    wanted WTB: Anaheim peppers

    Anyone have Anaheims bearing fruit already?
  17. HellfireFarm

    issue Help in diagnosing issues

    FYI the pictures aren't showing up for me. I think you have the right idea on the leaves. Maybe try to get some warmth to the roots to see if you can help them pick up some. When they're in pots they can be more susceptible to the cold unfortunately.
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    hobbies Astronomy

    I would love to see the annular too, but that's a lot farther away and I can really only do one, so I'm going for the total on April 8. I'm guessing you're closer to the annular's path? Planning to go see it?
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    commercial-kichen Process Inspection

    Bumping this thread because I want to leave the kitchen project on a win! I'm wondering about the KITCHEN inspection now - what to expect there. I know, different states and all, but just some general experiences, but specific to a commercial kitchen setup. I've heard so many different things...
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    hobbies Astronomy

    So I was finally able to find a room in Vincennes, IN for the solar eclipse next year. Got lucky, it's dead center, and there was NOTHING else to be found within at least 50 miles of the eclipse path. If you're thinking of going and aren't close, start looking now, and good luck!