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    The Hot Pepper Awards 2007 - Winners Announced!

    Cool beans! I'd like to thank the academy :) Congratulations to all the winners.
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    THP on MySpace!

    LOL...I was just logged in to myspace.... Guess I'm friend number 3 ;)
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    That corel snake is beautiful! Wonderful color!
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    business LLC vs. Sub-chapter S

    I set up my graphic design company by myself as an LLC. Colorado lets you do it online. AGAIN! I'm not a lawyer...blah blah, etc. I just wanted to protect myself incase a client wanted to sue me cuz their website didn't dance and do the Macarena.
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    Where do you get your peppers?

    LOL! I just picked up some smoked salt! That stuff is NOT cheap!
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    co-packer Looking for a co-packer, any recommendations?

    Sierra Sauces might work, too
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    co-packer Looking for a co-packer, any recommendations?

    I know that Cash just won for Ketchup, so he probably can do that, too. Here's a list that might help:
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    co-packer Looking for a co-packer, any recommendations?

    While local is much better, due to shipping, etc, I beleive that here in Colorado specializes in hot sauce co-packers. While some follks don't want to mention they're not actually cooking their own product, that info (at leas the address) has to be placed on the label. We have...
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    pH pH level tutorial.

    I originally got a pen style pH meter for my Koi pond, and it seems to work great! I even was able to get "buffering" solution (to zero in the meter) at my pond store...and it was more expensive than the meter. I think the meter was under $25, if I recall.
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    smoking C is for Carnitas

    Ugh! I don't think *I* wanna be placed on the grill! :)
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    What was the last spicy meal you cooked?

    Last night: Fish tacos with a homemade sooped/spiced up romulade on jalapeno cheddar torillas
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    smoking C is for Carnitas

    A is for ? B is for Brisket C is for Carnitas.....
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    Trademark Searches and Filing

    Lol Shooty*! We call it FarGate! I've got the theory the offered Atlantis to Browdler, but he didn't wan't to play second fiddle. He is a very nice replacement for MacGyver! BTW, I have always wanted to dress up as Seven, but I can't quite get my figure in shape to do the costume justice...
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    The Halloween Thread

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    The Halloween Thread

    Mulletman, You really should go as a bovine! That would be very scary!
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    bottling Non-professional bottling tips

    When we first started we used the short, 4oz mason jars. We now use a "tureen" style, but there is a very high minimum order. When we were investigating, we checked out: Also, for a 2 oz size...
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    The Halloween Thread

    Luv Halloween! Right now, I'm an elf! (I was a saloon girl on Saturday, but managed to spill Goldschlager down the front after the 5 (6th?) shot ... so I had to go back to a classic. I was a piece of shrimp sushi last year....hmmm, maybe I should make a pepper for next?
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    Most unlikely food you eat with hot sauce

    Along the same lines, Denio: Plain yogurt. Makes a swell dip! Hmm...not really unusual. Hot sauce on eggs is s staple. I can't eat eggs unless the DO have sauce on 'em...and the hashbrowns, too!
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    Spell Check for Message Boards

    I haven't downloaded the new Firefox yet. Is it available for mac? I usually get an auto update....guess I'll head on over.
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    nascar on NBC sucks

    I hear ya, Ross! While Fox's graphics can get annoying at times, at least we always knew what was going on! I've been watching nascar for years, back when they were on ABC, and my favorite drivers were A.J. Foyt and Richard Petty!