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    nutrients Small scale Kratky nutrient advice ?

    What size system are you planning on? Are you married to Kratky or will other methods work? I've used Fox Farms nutrients in DWC setups for a few years and am happy with the result given the ease of use.
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    storage Asim working with my seeds I had a question "how does everyone store there seeds?"

    Very impressive. I keep my seeds in various baggies in a freezer bag tucked away in the cabinets. I do have a google sheet that i use to track what im grows, seeds i have, and such.
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    video Now those are what you call a scotch bonnet!

    Got a plant growing hydroponically inside right now that is just starting to fill up with pods and another in the grow tent getting ready to go outside in a month. So far so good on them.
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    misc Rewind/redo?

    1. Waited one more weak to move my plants outside. a freak storm and cold front basically set me back a month. 2. Probably a Pubescens. 3. Im happy with the varieties i've grow this year. Ill change it up next year as usual but i have found a few keepers.
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    seeds Can I start seed germination in June in So. California?

    depending on where he is in SoCal he could potentially grow year round, especially if the plants were in bags that could be moved in the garage for the 1 - 2 days a years where it might matter. There is probably still over 5 months until first frost date.
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    chinense Best Scotch Bonnet??

    That is a really good point. I know that the phenotype of the seeds i have certainly dont match what i have seen from others, though they are tasty enough to keep growing each year.
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    misc Feels good to be back! Need help with choosing some varieties.

    Scotch Barins are a definite must imo. If i were to cut anything from your list it would be the Aji Dulce, just never really liked the pods.
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    Pepper Growing hobbyist

    I enjoy growing all types of hot peppers both indoors in the tent and outside in the garden. Currently living in VA.