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  1. scratchzilla


    One of the benefits of being a chef, is being able to take home the end pieces that wouldn't look good on a plate. Dusted with some 7pot powder.
  2. scratchzilla

    Scratch learns the fiddle!

    I shot this at the end of my practice session, after my fingers were tired and clumsy.
  3. scratchzilla

    Scratch learns the fiddle!

    I've been playin for 3 days, no lessons or books. Completely self taught. The Ashokan Farewell https://vimeo.com/109275119
  4. scratchzilla

    lighting T5 Lights charge solar panels?

    I've run a small computer fan off a solar panel ripped out of an old calculator with a 9v battery as the energy bank. It can be done, it's just a pain in the ass and not really worth the time it takes to engineer such a monstrosity.
  5. scratchzilla

    My turn to host a contest CLOSED

    I like to eat peppers They are the bomb I eat them so much That I shit napalm.
  6. scratchzilla

    The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Growing Season

    I know the contest is over but this pic perfectly describes my season. I grew AN Naga Morich.
  7. scratchzilla

    vendor Is pepperjoes.com a good website to get seeds

    Moved to vendor vault.
  8. scratchzilla

    Burning mouth Festival - Queeche VT. 9/27

    Anyone else from the New England area heading to this on Saturday?
  9. scratchzilla

    vendor smileyguy697

    I had a great experience with Mike last year. He's a great guy.
  10. scratchzilla

    Any thoughts what this might be?

    Chris, you did. And after looking at the images for S.ptycanthum on google, I think you're right. Shame. It's kind of pretty.
  11. scratchzilla

    Any thoughts what this might be?

    I was out weeding my very neglected pepper patch, an where I planted chocolate Scorpions I found these? Any thoughts?
  12. scratchzilla

    hobbies How many people are gamers?

    I recently downloaded The Orange Box to my 360, mostly for the Half-Life 2 extras, but I'm just loving Portal.
  13. scratchzilla

    vendor Pex Peppers

    Merged both Pex Peppers topics into one.
  14. scratchzilla

    How much did my T5s contribute to my last electric bill?

    Wow, I thought my $.14/kwh was steep. Thanks for putting things into perspective.
  15. scratchzilla

    If only it were a hot pepper

    So, is Judy the snake in the Adam and Eve story?
  16. scratchzilla

    photography Pet picture thread!

    I'm very proud of him. He was the best. This is how we spent our last day together. I'm very proud of him. He was the best.
  17. scratchzilla

    photography Pet picture thread!

    This is Han Solo, the best dog ever, and the greatest friend I could have wished for. We had to put him down yesterday. He injured his back and was paralyzed from the shoulders down. He was only 4. Hug you dogs every day, because you never know what might happen tomorrow.
  18. scratchzilla

    hydroponic Pepper in a hydroponix setup?

    Maybe I have just had dumb luck, but ever since I stopped using my ph pen, my plants have done great. Remember, different nutrients are more and less available at different ph levels. Fluctuations in ph make everything available over the course of a week. Mind you my water comes out of...
  19. scratchzilla

    hydroponic Pepper in a hydroponix setup?

    I have found tha ph meters are not necessary. If you change your reservoirs weekly, you shouldn't see any problems.
  20. scratchzilla

    Replacing HPS ballast on a budget

    Not in rural Vermont. Not close enough to drive to at least.