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  1. JungleRain

    Calayx of the BG7 - how long until it changes ?

    yes the BBG7 is still unstable, most of the generations are still f3 or f4 so there would be a many phenotypes around, there are 3 different colours variations that I know of also, (red, yellow, brown) yours seems to be of the type that has the smaller calyx, it still may or may not turn red????
  2. JungleRain

    heat What will be the next "world's hottest pepper"?

    I can't see why the hottest pepper is so important, it's probably just a macho thing.. saying you can handle the hottest pepper, but it isn't much good if it tastes like &$%@!  for a pepper to stand out from the rest of the superhots, it would have to beat the others by 500000 to 1000000 SHU...
  3. JungleRain


    wait till you see the shapes on the majority of pods before you decide, I have grown many TS Morugas and occasionally a few will form tails 
  4. JungleRain

    Chocolate bhutlah?

    you most probably didn't buy Stevens strain of Bhutlah, but possibly another different strain, after all it is a hybrid made up of the cross from Bhut Jolokia x 7pot/pod Douglah and being an early strain there will be many different phenotypes that can result..... then again it is from ebay...
  5. JungleRain

    pod Help with ID. . .supposed to be trinidad scorpion

    that pod looks like an early one???? wait till the your plant starts to pod up a bit more, you may find that it is a TScorp...???
  6. JungleRain

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    Hey Nova what type of C. Pubescens do you need? PM me your address and I'll send you some!
  7. JungleRain

    frutescens 7pot/pod x C. frutescens by JungleRain

    Great review Datil did you notice how easy the pods come away from the stems? I have quite a few C. Frutescen and Frutescen Hybrids growing this season, however they are all only seedlings at the moment  
  8. JungleRain

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    Hey Trippa, started first week of June I have 1100 seedlings for far with............... 472 varieties!!!!!!!!
  9. JungleRain

    overwintering Winter-Summer in OZ "Comparison" / Aussie Blabberers

    I'm back!!!!!! been lurking from time to time..... how did everyone's chilli season go???? mine was shit the worst I have ever had but I'm back with a vengeance this season...   I just started again today, sowing the first of 1500 seeds/500 varieties for this chilli grow season, decided to work...
  10. JungleRain

    "The CHOCOLATE Reaper"...?

    any chance of doing a trade?
  11. JungleRain

    Caramel Moruga germination

    they do seem to be a slow starter and a very long season variety
  12. JungleRain

    vendor Good Australian pepper seed vendors that ship internationally?

    Sawadee Junzi, I may be able to help you, sorry I only saw this post now, I haven't been on thehotpepper much of late!
  13. JungleRain

    hybrid Couple Crazy Crosses from Trinidad

    you've got some gnarly looking hybrids happening Shameal, good to see you back, how's life been treating you?
  14. JungleRain

    Red Douglah

    Argo, do you have a pic of this cut open?
  15. JungleRain

    The Hot Pepper Awards 2013 - Winners Announced!

    Congratulations again to all the winners.... great work Lucky Dog
  16. JungleRain

    hybrid You called your cross what ?

    I have made many crosses over the years... eg If I cross a 7pot/pod with say a Habanero Chocolate It is a 7pot/pod x Habanero Chocolate f4 for example or 7pot/pod x Habanero Chocolate v3 f2, the v representing which phenotype (and there could be any amount as the generations exceed) and the f...
  17. JungleRain

    The Hot Pepper Awards 2013 NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES

    2013 Awards must be getting close, I've got sweaty palms ;)
  18. JungleRain

    thanks Fabrizio

    thanks Fabrizio
  19. JungleRain

    Hi from Adelaide all the way down under way amongst the blowflies and heat !

    :dance:  :dance: Welcome Tim! :welcome:  :hell:
  20. JungleRain

    seeds Looking for seeds down Aussie way

    Hi Sarge, I have; Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate 7pot/pod Primo and some of Eds Carolina Reaper left over sent to me from him (not sure how many left, will have to check!) also some Jigsaw   ..... (thanks Bootseib)