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  1. Sam & Oliver

    wanted Wanted to buy: Trinidad Maruga Scorpions - fresh pods only for sauce

    Looking to prototype a batch of sauce for my upcoming startup (again, just under a different name, most like) - need TMS pods... probably a few pounds to start.  Don't want mash.   Need the color to be a nice red.  Please message me if you are growing any and can supply between 2-4 pounds.  
  2. Sam & Oliver

    The 12th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - Call For Entries!

    Thank you very much!  I'll pull the product and ship it tomorrow!
  3. Sam & Oliver

    The 12th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - Call For Entries!

    I already registered, but when are the physical entries due?  IIRC the form said to enter first, but we can ship the products in after.  This is literally an INSANE time of the year for me with all the orders going out to customers.  I want to make sure to get the entries in on time.  When I go...
  4. Sam & Oliver

    Anyone else notice a dip of about 20% less revenue this year than last unilaterally?

    I talk with dozens of vendors at shows.  From antiques, to food, to woodcrafting, to sauces, to services.   Everyone has mentioned this year not a lot of people are opening their wallet.   Checked my metrics for year to date in 2017 and I can confirm, it's just about 20% less than 2016 at this...
  5. Sam & Oliver

    misc SAmpler Pouches 3 grams

    The packets are known in the industry as "sachets" - we commonly call them packets.  Usually they are about 9 grams.  Most copackers do NOT have the expensive equipment to fill these.  It's a great idea on paper, but trying to track down someone with the machinery is a nightmare.  I believe...
  6. Sam & Oliver

    The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    Hot dingity! Truly an honor to have recognition in the community! Some great names on this list, proud to be up there with these greats!
  7. Sam & Oliver

    condiment BBQ with Cherries

    Late to the thread but cherries or cherry preserves work well. Scale back the sugar if you use preserves. But definitely do a reduction if using fresh cherries. I prefer sweet Virginia or New England black cherries. Be careful not to overpower the sauce with garlic if you include it. Consider a...
  8. Sam & Oliver

    trade-show Rebranding / Design reboot for show media walls / booth

    Sales this year have tripled what I did last year.  Granted I've got 3 more flavors with 6 total.   But one of the biggest challenges I've faced at shows is the statement "Oh, this is for people? I thought it was hot sauce for dogs."   As absurd as that sounds, I understand that marketing with...
  9. Sam & Oliver

    Carolina Reaper Sauce?

    peppers, vinegar and salt.  the trinity of the Louisiana style is pretty f-n strong. Try a ratio of about 1 pound of peppers, to 2 cups of white vinegar and 10% of that weight in salt.
  10. Sam & Oliver

    The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - Call For Entries!

    As usual, I'm a day late on the dealine.  I renewed my extreme biz but awaiting manual acceptance lol.  Until then my entries are sitting in my cart so I can get my 25% discount.
  11. Sam & Oliver

    The 9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    I can't wait to update my website now :)
  12. Sam & Oliver

    The 9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    Very honored to even be mentioned in with these names, let alone win.  Here's looking forward to 2016 and beyond
  13. Sam & Oliver

    The 9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards! - Call For Entries!

    I just want to tell you all good luck, we're all counting on you.  
  14. Sam & Oliver

    Reaper trashing...

    So... will it be possible to find fresh reaper pods in April in time for the NYC Hot Sauce Expo?
  15. Sam & Oliver

    Sam & Oliver's Mind Flay releases - special 50% off coupon presale

    I figured the back story was cool... better than "just 'cause" ;)  Tricky to design around since the "y" in the name presents a symmetrical unbalance in the label when trying to put the descriptor in white underneath.
  16. Sam & Oliver

    So where can I find a who's who of current, honest and professional sauce reviewers and bloggers?

    Is there a master list somewhere of all the relevant, professional and honest food critics, sauce reviewers and bloggers?
  17. Sam & Oliver

    Reaper trashing...

    I'm sure there's big money involved, but all the dirty laundry and mud-slinging on facebook gets kind of old when people keep bringing it up and throwing it around.  I'm choosing to stay indifferent.
  18. Sam & Oliver

    Sam & Oliver's Mind Flay releases - special 50% off coupon presale

    Single 5oz Bottle   3-Pack Gift Box (3x 5oz bottles)   Triple Threat 3-Pack Variety Box