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  1. bucdout57

    Y’all ever forget to harden off your plants

    I agree. Not necessary.
  2. bucdout57

    Hi from Florida

    Welcome. So glad you found us. Let's get to growing.
  3. bucdout57

    for-sale Plants for sale

    They look amazing can't wait to get them. Thanks again Juanito.
  4. bucdout57

    wanted Looking for some pepper plants.

    Already placed an order with Juanito unbelievable deal but still looking for more. Looking for a couple more varieties.
  5. bucdout57

    wanted Looking for some pepper plants.

    Started late again this year and am without anything past a seedling. I'm located in California and would like to buy any plants you might have for sale. Please pm me what you have and price shipped. If local to Los Angeles I will drive up to 70 miles from my home. I work all over Los Angeles...
  6. bucdout57

    for-sale Plants for sale

    I'm in pm coming.
  7. bucdout57

    lighting How do you measure lights?

    Good to know. I just ordered a new light set from Amazon for this coming season . Thanks for the question and answer.
  8. bucdout57

    seeds I want to grow some seedlings to sell this season.

    Good luck on the grow. Actually been considering the same thing here in California. Daughters want a job and I got a ton of seeds. So I thought this sure beats a lemon stand.
  9. bucdout57

    How do I transplant this pepper?

    Don't be scared. Just cut the cup top to bottom and a straight line across. Whatever roots get cut or hurt will not affect the overall growth of the plant. Sometimes better not to overthink it and just do it. Trial and error. You will always learn. Either from your mistakes or mine or anyone's...
  10. bucdout57

    vendor Ebay windsong-2

    same here bought all my previous seeds before joining the forum and all grew true. I Highly recommend him. Just got back on the forum after a some time off and will surely look him up again to get something new for the upcoming grow season.
  11. bucdout57


    has the train already been filled I seen one spot left. hop I can get on. Let me know CAPCOM.  
  12. bucdout57

    Pink Tiger

    Same here still waiting for mine to set pods. Have to agree about the foliage. Beautiful but not to happy to hear about the taste. Another one to avoid is the yaki brown. Beautiful plant but just tried them and man way too floral. Good heat but tasted like I ate a rose or something. Yaki brown...
  13. bucdout57

    Big, orange and gnarly.

    Thanks for the info guys. Now that I think of it I do remember potting up a BOC but couldn't find it in my herd. Had it labeled as mystery pepper. Glad to of found it and will update when I get home. Just tried it pretty spicy. . Good flavor but not to cool lip burn. Thanks again guys for all...
  14. bucdout57

    Big, orange and gnarly.

    Grew these out and pods are looking really nice. Pods are nice and large. First fresh pods of my grow. So excuse me for being a little excited. Hope someone can if this beauty. Thanks in advance guys and gals. And a pic of a few more pulled this afternoon. Just need help to I'd the first...
  15. bucdout57

    Pods Finally Forming

    I second that. Last year little to none. Switched to pro mix mid season this grow and has improved tremendously. Pro mix is my soil of choice.
  16. bucdout57

    auction 4 sfrb auctions CANCELLED

    Might wanna retread the thread. Seller stated that bidding started at 20.00 per box.
  17. bucdout57

    SFRB - $10.00 - One day only - Aug. 21st

    Family is always going ti be your cheapest route. Just my two cents. Labor laws are not really an issue. Break. ..... Aahhh maybe later. We are almost done.
  18. bucdout57

    Cheating on next years grow

    Thanks dragon. I'll try this very soon as well. You learn so much here. Thank you to all.
  19. bucdout57

    Cheating on next years grow

    Do tell. Anyone know of a good video or tutorial to watch to learn the process?