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  1. ErolDude

    2018 Changes and Additions

    So definitely NOT starting in January again, that was horrible as I also ran out of space, will continue using lights for starting that was a great thing. Will definitely tend more towards annuums rather than superhots, they are just too superhot for this climate it seems :)
  2. ErolDude

    Concentrated pain from peppers?

    So when I finished high school I did a process of concentrating extracted capsaicin from peppers for my thesis, and I got exactly what you are describing by ingesting a tiny amount of that :D
  3. ErolDude

    [Sep 11] What are you working on this week?

    Even though the ply looks quite thick, I'd suggest putting up a strut from underneath, you would be surprised how easily wood warps under load. ;)
  4. ErolDude

    [Sep 11] What are you working on this week?

    Preparing myself for a few exams this week
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    greenhouse Posting this here because I guess it falls under "greenhouses"

    I used to have a GLOG but it got phased out because of other things that I had to do at the time. Thanks for the kind words though :D One plant set 2 pods but that's about it :/ tons of flowers on the plants these days but it seems there is no pollen on them to go around.   I will probably...
  6. ErolDude

    Did I do this correctly?

    Speaking from past experience, watch out for pests, keep a close eye on them and kill off any infestations when they begin, do not overwater the plants during this time, how are you running those lights? I'd suggest lowering the fixture a bit and perhaps making a reflective dome for the bulbs...
  7. ErolDude

    greenhouse Greenhouse Build

    Loving the list man, with all those amenities I think you should add a fold out bed to the list since I think you will be spending more time there than in the house ;) Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Official Primo seeds! Finally!

    Are these what they use to make dinglebobs for plumbuses?
  9. ErolDude

    soil Microwaved Soil

    Doesn't this kill the beneficial bacteria as well? What would be the potential repercussions from something like that?
  10. ErolDude

    Newspaper coming to farm

    Do link us the article/video when it is made! Sounds awesome.
  11. ErolDude

    Hello From Beverly Hills Ca

    Welcome from Bosnia friend :D
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    greenhouse Posting this here because I guess it falls under "greenhouses"

    So this spring we converted the infamous terrace of our two story apartment into a veranda (plastic roofing) and wow did it make a difference in growing chillies. First I get total watering control this way, rain does not affect me (except for the rain barrel I plan to make next season hehe) and...
  13. ErolDude

    Deep vs wide pots

    From my experience wider is better as well, just wanted to see what you guys thought. Loving the mixing pots:  
  14. ErolDude

    Leaf disease identification

    Cull the plant, do not risk infecting others by keeping it alive. Sterilize the pot it was grown in. Also do not plant seeds from any pods it produced, you are not sure how long the plant had the virus. 
  15. ErolDude

    cloning cloning pepper plants

    As long as it is new growth it usually takes off just fine, be warned it took like a month for some of my clones to show roots through the cup. If they don't die within a week I'd say you are good. I have several types of rooting hormone, there exist three grades here, one is for leafy plants...
  16. ErolDude

    Deep vs wide pots

    Has anyone had experience with using two pots the same size just one may be wider vs deeper. Which pepper performed better? 
  17. ErolDude

    4 new trees in 20 gal containers

    Wow! Those kumquats are amazing,meanwhile mine look the same for 3 years basically  :rofl:
  18. ErolDude

    health At this point I'm ashamed of the topic: What is wrong with this plant?

    So I have a bhut plant that is from 2014, and this year I transplanted it into a big mixing bucket. However even though it is flowering and setting pods at the moment, the leaves don't seem to be growing at all. We do have really hot days and cold nights here, but I am not sure that is it. I...
  19. ErolDude

    seed-train European Seed train...

    Not participating either, I forgot to mention that last year and got surprised by the envelope :O
  20. ErolDude

    What's eating my peppers

    Those spider bugs are called spider mites, and are the devils work.