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    I prefer the JayT-Approved Microwaved Hot Dog w/ Cheese Omelette:    
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    The General Taco thread. All things taco.

      We're making fish tacos tonight! Check out my drunken sub-par flipping skills on the fish on the left.
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    The Drunken Chef

      Dukes! Apparently I'm sufficeintly unsober as I didn't code the above post worth a sh*t...
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    Fried rice night.

    One of my favorites is Thai-Style Curried Chicken Fried Rice from Cook's Illustrated.  ...
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    Some food I cooked (JayT's Flog)

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    My Badass Burrito!

  7. robbie

    Barbecue-Braised Thai Chicken Legs with Lemongrass Glaze

    I purchased it at my local Asian grocery store. If I have one in upstate South Carolina, I'm sure you have one close to where you reside in PA. They have lots of interesting items. An assortment of sriracha sauces from manufacturers you've never heard of! Shit you cannot pronounce! Frozen fish...
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    Barbecue-Braised Thai Chicken Legs with Lemongrass Glaze

    Being unsober, I am unable to recall the recipes for the ones I do not have in front of me as I do the one for Thai yellow curry. I printed this out in 2010 and use it as a base recipe. To this you can add more or less of what suits you, as well as other chiles / powders, etc to ramp up the...
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    The Perfect Wing

      Have you since made and consumed a more perfect wing JayT?
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    TB's Juke Joint Finger Food

        texas blues is basically the Conan of this forum. I've read shitty sword-and-sorcery novels of the 60's and 70's where the protagonist was infinitely less heroic than TB.
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    Leftovers Thread!!

    Oh damn!
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    Barbecue-Braised Thai Chicken Legs with Lemongrass Glaze

    I'm entirely too inebriated to determine whether or not this post would fit withing an established topic. Therefore I'm starting anew!   This recipe was utilized and modified:                   Making...
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    Is anyone here familiar with 'Hanky Panky'? It's basically equal parts sausage, hamburger and Velveeta. It makes a great dip and when put on a bun, some call them White Trash Sliders.         I added a good bit of powders and canned chipotle in adobe sauce to the mix.          
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    Spicy Boiled P-Nuts

    I cooked the cajun batch on low in the crock pot for 18 hours. The habanero ones cooked for 12. You can quick boil them but perhaps they have to soak overnight first? I'm not sure.
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    Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

        Someone once mentioned making a coffee table book consisting solely of burger pictures from this very thread. I think I will include this one in mine!     *edited to remove my typing from the quoted picture...
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    Spicy Boiled P-Nuts

    I made my first-ever batch of boiled peanuts in the crock pot this past weekend. I modified an online recipe called 'Rachael's Superheated Cajun Boiled Peanuts' and was quite pleased with the resulting taste.    Desiring more heat, I then prepared a batch using nothing but salt and three halved...
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    Sandwich of the Month

    Baked ham, provolone cheese, spinach, diced hot cherry peppers, sliced mild pepper rings and chipotle mayo on a toasted vienna roll for breakfast at work this morning:                       BONUS PICTURE!   One of the perks of being an alcoholic is looking at my phone in the mornings and...
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    Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

    Odin's Crotch! Just look at all the juiciness on that thang!
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    Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

    Booma saves the day yet again!   That looks even better than the new 'Most American Thickburger' from burger places here called Carl's Jr or Hardee's.   "The new Most American Thickburger from Carl's Jr. and Hardee's features three classic American summertime favorites in every bite: a split hot...
  20. robbie

    craft beer

    That's great news GM! Keep in mind that you have to consume it pretty quickly lest it go flat from repeated opening and closing of the lid. Four pints is definitely not difficult to devour in an evening however...