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    chinense Reaper seeds

    Hi guys and girls would any one have any spare reaper seeds i live in brisbane area
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    Judy's Carolina Reapers

    they look great with a touch of nasty heat to match
  3. Sci

    condiment Carolina Reaper-Peach salsa

    Looks very tasty and also looks very hot hot hot
  4. Sci

    Ripe Reaper and Scorpions

    They look Awesome
  5. Sci

    wanting seeds

    Hi all im after some CAROLINA REAPER seeds if somebody has any in australia 
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    None of my chilies are hot !!

    next time you make a goat curry try using a trinidad scorpion its what i use i make it at least once a month
  7. Sci

    With which peppers are YOUR most favorite to make hot sauce?

    i like to use choc habs and bhuts together
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    fermenting Help Blue mold on my ferment

    how did you start it off whats in it
  9. Sci

    What is the oldest pepper plant you have/had?

    i just leave mine out side ive had my plants for just on 3 years now
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    O Pos My newest Sauce

    Looks awesome ...i would love to try some :party:
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    buffets restaurants in around brisbane / goldy area

    yeah i forgot you love the stuff :lol:
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    buffets restaurants in around brisbane / goldy area

    i use to work at this place that made stuff for them and we had to use out of date cheese they thought it would be ok but when sizzler got it then sent it back cause it tasted funny but the place i worked at insted of dumping the sauce we made they made us make a new fresh batch and mix it with...
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    Can I make simple moonshine like this

    the best i get out of my still is 95% pure mostly i get around 90 to 93
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    How do you extinguish the Mouth-Fire?

    the best way to stop the burn if you cant handle the heat is mango nectar or pineapple juice
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    Greetings from Finland!

    :welcome: from Australia
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    Hi new boy

    :welcome: from Australia
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    Smokey Jolokia Original "Hot Steak Sauce"

    ive had it before and its awesome i love the taste i would have to say its one of the best ive ever had
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    JungleRain, Hot Chilli Sauce

    Put me down :woohoo:
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    Hello from Lancaster UK

    :welcome: from Australia
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    Hello from AZ!

    :welcome: from Australia