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  1. JustDucky

    auction Auction for a MFRB Ending Thursday @Noon CST

    Dang I'm always late. Congrats all LOL
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    I don’t see it wrong or out of bounds to let a person know you appreciate them for what they do...

    I don’t see it wrong or out of bounds to let a person know you appreciate them for what they do. I believe a positive remark from a stranger goes a long way. To misconstrue that as making moves? Completely Wrong and Narcissistic. Instead of trying to small talk and possibly form a friendship...
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    vendor Pepper Donkey on G+

      That's a great idea. Thank you!
  4. JustDucky

    vendor Pepper Donkey on G+

      Used the wet paper towel and ziplock method. One week as passed, 0% germination.  :cry:   I'll keep waiting. 
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    Hello from Denver

  6. JustDucky

    How old are you?

    25 but but young at heart. 
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    Hello from Fort Lauderdale

    Welcome, Crispee! 
  8. JustDucky

    Hello from Boston!

    Welcome! Glad to have you on board. 
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    my first pod of the 2017 season

    Congrats on your first pod of the season! I still have yet to see any of mine... LOL
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    health Spots on leaves

      Great job, sir. 
  11. JustDucky

    JustOsmo - 2017 Grow

    daaaaaamn. Look at those leaves  :thumbsup:
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    Southern New Jersey Pepperhead

    :welcome: ! Nice to meet you, neighbor.
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    Hello from Saudi Arabia

  14. JustDucky

    Flower Drop

      If you're really worried about pollination, just give the flowers a good fingering. Gently of course. No one likes it rough.    You could also get a qtip and really give it to the flower. Again, gently.    Another option would be to get a vibra  toothbrush or any vibrating object to shake the...
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    The first place I have ever bought pepper seeds from. Ordered one pack, got 4 in total. Thank you!
  16. JustDucky

    vendor whitehotpeppers

    WhiteHotPeppers is my go to recommendation whenever a newbie asks on here, “Where can I get seeds?” LOL   Thanks for selling great deals on quality seeds and providing excellent customer service. :thumbsup: 
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    My condolences.

    My condolences.
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    vendor Jaunitos Peppers

    I ordered plant plugs from Juanitos Peppers in June of this year. Paid for 4 plant plugs, received 6 plus a pet slug. Came in 2 days and was shipped in two SFRBs. Great seller and extremely generous. Can definitely see why he is so respected at THP. Thank you!     Hehe, his name is Mr. Slurm. I...