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    misc JalapenoGate

    Little Cherry type, it looks like. Those can be fun! 🌶️🌶️🌶️
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    misc "Hatch" chiles

    For what it's worth, I did a video about it a couple of years ago.
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    misc JalapenoGate

    We have experienced wrong grows for years, I wonder why this was such a big thing this year. Do we have more new growers than ever maybe? Because of demand for plants (which I love, everyone grow chiles, please and thank you) maybe seeds and strains just got thrown out there to satisfy demand...
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    misc Primo Peppers

    His new sauce is on the way to me and I can't say how stoked I am! 🌶️🌶️
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    chinense Is the stinger trait from Reapers and Scorpions dominant or recessive?

    Maybe cross it with something better than a Reaper. Go back further. Then again, I have never seen a consistent story to the Reaper parentage so maybe just stick to some good ol' Scorpions! 🌶️
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    favorite If you could only grow "one" superhot ?

    So mine would be something called "Maha X" that I got in a box in 2015. I tried tracing it back and came up with dead ends. I still don't know what it is but the flavor was sweet, not floral, and every seasoned grower I know that tried them agreed it was the most unique super they'd had. I don't...
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    flavor Pepper with the strongest citrus flavor ?

    People say the Lemon Drop but I find the pith of c. Baccatum to be soapy so it skews my input. However, the Suriname Yellow/Madame Jeanette absolutely tasted like a dang lemon to me. It was tremendous. 🌶️🌶️
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    chinense I'm confused about the Datil pepper

    From my understanding, and even back in Andrews first book, the "truest" Datil is the second pic from the OP, that pointy one. Now, like all of us, I don't know for sure. I grew some in 2014 and they looked like the dimple bottoms. Even the image in Chasing Chiles (great book about tracking down...
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    pod Mystery pepper mixed with Reapers

    Wiri Wiri? Well, maybe not now that I look closer at the leaves. 🌶️
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    plant YELP! Dont know what these peppers are?! PLEASE HELP ME :)

    This is absolutely a Jamaican Mushroom! 🌶️🌶️
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    annuum Challeano.. Really an Annuum?

    "Aji" is really the old Caribbean language of the Taino and it just means what we call pepper or chile. It doesn't mean Baccatum specifically as there are C.chinense that are called Aji Whatnot (and more). To say "Aji Pepper" is just like saying "pepper pepper" , my spicy brotha!
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    misc Chili Pepper Bibliography?

    Peppers Of The Americas by Maricel Presilla is fantastic.
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    New Mexico (Hatch) chili seeds

    Don't forget, there is no actual strain that is a Hatch pepper. Hatch is a growing region, not a pepper type. If you grow seeds from Hatch chile anywhere but the Hatch Valley you are growing a New Mex type of pepper, be it Sandia, Lumber, Big Jim or whatever.
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    Why not ask? I was just wondering. It makes me skip your comments, for what it's worth. Be well.
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    plant Orange, and not like anything I planted?

        With a 7 Pot , or any superhot, the placenta lines the entire inner wall. In a Habanero, or pretty much all pods except supers, the placenta is the white ribs inside the pod. That's one tell tale  sign.
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    Why do you use the crazy font?
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    favorite Favorite pepper for flavor

    Okay, I'm reviving more 14 year old threads. This is awesome.    I'll add mine: Freeport Scotch Bonnet, Trlip UcBurun Biber, New Mex Canoncito, Ghostly Jalapeno, Jimmy Nardello.....
  18. BrendanPicante picture appeal

    I love these old posts. Thankfully this database is still around. A lot of the links in these old posts are no longer active (no one is doing anything with!?!?). 
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    favorite Favorite pepper for flavor

      This would be such a crazy plant. I can't imagine.