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  1. Alchymystic

    Straight out of the can/bottle

    Pork and Beans are always something I’ll love eating straight out of the can! Baked beans are great too as well as refried…any beans really! Growing up with just my dad for many years, grilled cheese and Pork and Beans was a staple meal and sometimes you’d be just too tired or wanted something...
  2. Alchymystic

    Guess how many peppers, win some awesome seeds.

    290   :cheers: 
  3. Alchymystic

    video Crispee's Datil Pepper St. Augustine Style Hot Sauce Review!

      I thought about something more exotic (didn’t know if we’re talking homemade or not…), but then thought, ‘Why not just spaghetti?’ as that’s what most people always have on hand – the classic! Capellini/Angel hair is oh so nice though and is kind of more my fav since you can really load a fork...
  4. Alchymystic

    pickling Pickled "Everything"

    Some 'Put Some South in Your Mouth' pickled favorites –    Chow-chow    Dilly beans   Pickled watermelon rind   And one of my absolute favorite pickled foods is without a doubt, Pickled Herring! I’ve never made it or had the opportunity to have fresh locally made batches some people can get...
  5. Alchymystic

    Your dignity, man card, a pair of Crocs? j/k… ;) Man bags/satchels can be totally masculine...

    Your dignity, man card, a pair of Crocs? j/k… ;) Man bags/satchels can be totally masculine, fashionable/look nice, and a useful accessory. Student of Spice gave some good ideas (although it’s more ‘bug out/SHTF/zombie apocalypse’ sounding type of bag)!
  6. Alchymystic

    Smell, Flavor, Heat, and Pain

    Yikes... hope you get better/feel better!   I can't help but think... either I'm extremely perceptive, or you must be a true rarity, the single unicorn among human beings if it took a broken face/swollen nose to know that smell and taste are inextricably connected. Have you never had a...
  7. Alchymystic


    Painapple is one of D3’s (D3monic) crosses, so you’d want to get in contact with him as to seed questions. Its origins are an Aji pineapple x Butch T yellow scorpion.    Here is the main thread dedicated to his crosses:  ...
  8. Alchymystic

    favorite edit: favorite chile LOOKS ONLY EDITION

    Well, before you edited your post to just be favorite look, I’ll comment on the ‘what comes to mind when I think of a chile pepper’-   Annuums seem to dominate for me when I think of ‘chile pepper’s’ (seeing all the dried red ristras a neighbor had when I was younger was probably the genesis of...
  9. Alchymystic

    Komodo Dragon - How does this happen?

    As far as the hottest claims, I think it was actually more along the line of hottest ‘commercially’ available being grown and sold fresh to the public in stores (at that time at least – they now sell reapers in the same Tesco stores). There are certainly hotter peppers from the UK being grown...
  10. Alchymystic

    The Cayenne List

    Charleston Hot and the Carolina Cayenne – developed by the USDA and Clemson University   Both are said to be hotter than a traditional cayenne with the Carolina Cayenne said to be 2-3 times as hot. The Charleston’s also have a unique tip that kind of resembles a shishito pepper. Even though I’m...
  11. Alchymystic

    Is this a special Scotch bonnet? Or, just regular...

      I 100% second this!  ;)   I'd say those definitely look like some kind of Scotch bonnet for sure. I have seen all types of variations in shapes from the classical 'Tam O' Shanter' Scottish hat look of the MOA variety to others that are elongated and even twisted. A number of things can affect...
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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now? :metal:
  13. Alchymystic

    Cpr color variants

    Those look awesome! Really love the color on those… great shapes as well and plenty gnarly and wicked looking! The shapes look pretty consistent so it may just be reverting back to inherent character traits of the original parent plants in the cross instead of actually being a new cross with...
  14. Alchymystic

    Black Super Hots?

    Ok, so has anyone seen a fresh chilaca that was actually black? My experience with them fresh is that they always become a very dark green/evergreen… especially in bright light (not black). I have purchased them at the local Mexican grocer several times and they are very dark green every time...
  15. Alchymystic

    Happy Birthday STEVE954 (Mr MoA)

    Happy Birthday, Steve!   :bday:   Hope you're doing well*…    *(profile says he was last active on Nov. 29, 2016…)
  16. Alchymystic

    ‘Koolickles’ Kool-Aid marinated pickles is where it started, originating from the Mississippi...

    ‘Koolickles’ Kool-Aid marinated pickles is where it started, originating from the Mississippi Delta. I think this is what set the web a buzz when they were 1st covered nationally in this NY Times article from 07’. I only learned about them in...
  17. Alchymystic

    Still find eggs, yes… as well as pigs feet, & BUCKET loads of pork skin (Cueritos) & ears...

    Still find eggs, yes… as well as pigs feet, & BUCKET loads of pork skin (Cueritos) & ears (Orejitas) at the Mex. grocery- pickled Manzanos as well. What I rarely see are the ol’ pickled lips & snouts (only usually at gas stations) from youthful memories.
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    NFL Pickem Contest - Winner gets free SFRB Hot Peppers

    Thanks for the contest!   1. Oakland 2. Detroit 3. New Orleans 4. Philadelphia 5. Houston 6. Pittsburgh   Tie break - 33
  19. Alchymystic

    Could not find my sorghum until after the batch was bottled...

    Welcome to the forums, KokiaHot!        Yankee question!  ;)   Sorghum pretty much always means sorghum ‘syrup’ in the south. If the flour or grain is used it would be specified unless it was clearly implicit in whatever was being discussed, such as a specific application or recipe, etc...
  20. Alchymystic

    free Free Pods!!!

    Interesting contest!  :P   3276