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  1. shoVel

    wanted Ancient user looking for fresh seeds

    Hey all! I joined this site many years ago and was a very avid user back in the day. I grew peppers for many years and sent my peppers and seeds all around the globe. I have a large seed stock but it‚Äôs ancient.. my seeds date back to 2011 ūüôĀ.. anyhow.. I have been trying to resurrect some OG...
  2. shoVel

    issue Bell issues.

  3. shoVel

    Any idea what this mystery pepper is?

    Looks like a Jalapeno x Cubanelle or Jalapeno Crossed with Bell.  Interesting. 
  4. shoVel

    issue Bell issues.

  5. shoVel

    issue Bell issues.

  6. shoVel

    issue Bell issues.

    Edited due to photo issues off site.
  7. shoVel

    health wilting plants/What's wrong

    Likely Verticillium or Fusarium wilt.  It's really bad this year in my part of the country (down south). If it is, sorry there really is nothing you can do about it. Hopefully it's not.   Yours just look water stressed from the pics, but if they are dying, cut  a dead one length wise and post a...
  8. shoVel

    Seeds Direct Butch T TS

    This doesn't just happen on Amazon or Ebay. Buy from the ones who are known to provide good seed and service. Lots here on THP.
  9. shoVel

    well this sucks....

    Tyler you've got some coming in your SASE along with some other awesome goodies. No worries.
  10. shoVel

    Howdy Y'All!

  11. shoVel

    plant Can you ID this Pepper Plant?

    Yes sir Goat's Weed or AKA "Cobra or Black Cobra"
  12. shoVel

    for-sale Ajijoes super seed sale has ended permanantly

    Ajijoe, you sir are truly a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for being such a kind, generous, respectful person. I appreciate all the seeds that I've acquired from you as always they are high quality and I'm always beyond pleased with your generosity. Truly a person to look up too. My hats...
  13. shoVel

    HB22B Seeds

    No.. I was answering lilcholo's question "how do they make these peppers hotter and hotter?" I don't have a clue if the pepper is stable or not. I don't make assumptions.
  14. shoVel

    HB22B Seeds

    Selective breeding & Pod selection. First find a pepper that has the hottest heat you've found, then save the seeds-grow out next year-find another plant that has a pod that has nuclear heat-save those seeds-grow next year- two selected nuclear plants- cross pollinate- pods produced should...
  15. shoVel

    What's hotter, Orange Habanero, or a Chocolate Habanero? (The chocolate habanero might be a Jamaican

    Chocolate Habanero hands down, then Jamaican Hot, finally Orange Habanero.
  16. shoVel

    NEED TS Strains + 7 Pot Strains + Jalapeno Crosses

    Valin24 I'd love to see your seed collection one day, I imagine it must be a pretty diverse collection. What do you have growing this year and are you up for trades???
  17. shoVel

    HB22B Seeds

    Exclusive seeds right now. You must be "In the know" to get them. :shh: Only available to the inner circle right now. ;)
  18. shoVel

    Hello from south Mississippi! :)

    Welcome from ummmm... well.... South Mississippi! I live in the East McHenry area around Hwy 15 and Wire Rd but I work and spend the large majority of my life in Biloxi... I work at KW Cook's in Woolmarket if you know where that is.. Anyhow, Welcome!
  19. shoVel

    for-sale Trinidad moruga scorpion sprouts for sale CLOSED!!!

    Hmmm.. Right in my area! What are the chances... :P If she needs any advice tell her to contact me, since I'm within 5-10mins from Gulfport.