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    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2022

    My first year growing Reapers...
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    Some food I cooked (JayT's Flog)

    Holy hell that stromboli looks you use a regular old pizza crust recipe or something different?
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    Three Day Juice Cleanse

    Hey CJ......juicing not going so well at the's a tough challenge for someone who likes to cook, and eat, but not necessarily in that order...
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    Three Day Juice Cleanse

    Just wondered how the juicing went?   I'm 1 hr and 27 minutes into a 5 day juice-only diet, and craving a bacon sarny like crazy. 'Course it doesn't help when the wife gets out of bed, makes hot coffee and warms up some blueberry muffins. Bloody sadist.    
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    Some food I cooked (JayT's Flog)

    JayT - that pho looks awesome, can you give us a heads-up on those asian noodles, as in what brand and how long you cook them, please. I've bought these a couple times but they didn't have any cooking instructions in English, and the gal down the Asian grocery was clueless - so they came out...
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    for-sale Web Business for sale

    Yep, I kinda moved the other way, starting out with Joomla and slowly transitioning to Wordpress. Each has its set of strengths and weaknesses, so it's largely down to what the customer wants to get out of it, functionally.   Cheers   Rooze
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    for-sale Web Business for sale

    Hi, It's primarily 'Marketpress', working alongside various other plugins with some moderate customization. The other plugins include Buddypress, for the social groups, clubs and PM etc, and a Membership plugin set for allowing the options of paid recurring membership fees. Then there's a couple...
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    for-sale Web Business for sale

    Hi, Thanks for the comments Ocho Cinco and thegreenman. It could certainly be had for somewhere between those two numbers :) I've had a few emails from people but it's still available. I actually use the site as a reference for some other technical projects I get involved in, so it's quite handy...
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    for-sale Web Business for sale

    A while back I set about building a website to offer a selling platform for the chile community, aiming for an 'Etsy' type system. The idea came from being a chile fanatic for years, starting my own (small) sauce biz, being a member on a couple forums including this one, and trading with a few...
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    misc Getting Your Sauces On The Internet

    Thanks Salsalady for answering the question above from John, you were right, I haven't been following. Sorry John for missing your post, I hope you were able to find what you were looking for. Cheers Rooze
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    Outstanding Brew!! More than 4 = bad, bad head.
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    Door County WI pepper growing

    Hey Balac, (Greg) Sorry, haven't been around here much. I'll fire off a few seeds to you in a couple weeks or so...I still haven't figured out what my growing plans are for next year, so not quite sure yet what is needed and what is surplus. Rooze
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    copyright and trademarks

    Hi Jeffh, First the easy one - Trademarks filed and issued through USPTO are 'Federal' marks so they're nationwide and not State specific. You can file a Trade Name or Mark (different) with your local State but they don't amount to much. The process for filing online is pretty straightforward...
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    People Copying Website Content - David Lechner

    There really is some unexplored territory out there! I don't think there's a truly safe route to do anything much on the web. One important principal of web marketing and SEO is to encourage other websites to 'link' through to yours. That encourages the flow of 'link juice' which as you know...
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    People Copying Website Content - David Lechner

    PepperGrowingMan - I'm right there with you on this whole fiasco, you offered to settle the issue like a gentleman by dealing directly with the 'offended' party and complying with any request that he/she made. End of problem, issue over, done, resolved....we can all move on. However, I have...
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    People Copying Website Content - David Lechner

    another public flogging gone bad
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    misc What would you do?

    You have one quote already, I suggest you get two more similar quotes in writing then present them to her as an established 'going rate' for her services. Tell her that you'd be quite happy to pay her the going rate plus 5% for the misunderstanding, which you should insist is on her side and not...
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    Recipe and process approval?

    HLC, I presume you've read all about the WI 'Pickle Bill' which was signed into law in 2010. You can make stuff at home and sell it in various ways, to a limit of $5000 in annual sales. You can't sell it wholesale or out of state. There's a little ambiguity as to what comes under the pickle...
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    Who sells their own sauce?

    I make sauces and label them for friends, but I haven't gone through the hoops of trying to legalize the process for sales. I do some private label work using sauces from established companies and label them for a couple local restaurants. But that's really just a hobby and a favor I do for some...
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    review Review (short story) of Kneepers "Pinay Hab Extreme"

    +1 for the above. Great review and great sauces from Knepper's Peppers.