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    New hobbyist looking for comments

    You should really buy a cheap fan and point it at your plants while they are young. Air movement strengthens the stems and prevents fungal issues from occurring. If you dont have strong stems you might have some damage when you put them outside or once they set pods inside.
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    need recomendations on super hot peppers to grow

    I seem to remember some strains of scorpions growing fairly fast for me, I just had crappy yields. Its like the plant wants to get huge then set a bunch of pods, but with our short season it just has enough time to grow the plant but only set a couple pods before the season ends. I still...
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    need recomendations on super hot peppers to grow

    Did they set many pods? 4 tall sounds like you were certainly doing something right. I found I can get decent foliage the first year, but the pod production is limited to 5-10 pods. I had a couple like the butch T scorpion that wouldnt set pods at all the first year. I overwintered it and got a...
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    need recomendations on super hot peppers to grow

    When I overwintered in the past, it was only in a window sill so the light requirements werent there for pod production. The plants would drop all their leaves over time and some of the outer branches would dry up and die. As long as I kept them lightly watered I had a very high success rate...
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    need recomendations on super hot peppers to grow

    Ive been growing super hots in edmonton for the last 10 years or so. Overwintering is your friend. I used to start my plants in January, grow them all season, overwinter in my window sill, then get a huge harvest the second year. It sucks to grow a plant for 2 full seasons only to find out you...
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    aji amarillo ?

    Ive happened across a lot of interesting recipes involving these lately. Does anyone have 10 or so seeds for trade?
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    Growing medium for an airpot

    The above advice is solid. I would mix 20-30% perlite into that MG soil if that's all you have. Ideally, you could have better soil for less money if you mixed your own.
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    Earth Juice AeroBags / Root Pouch / GroPro / Geo Pots

    I have had my 2 gal smart pots for 3 seasons and my 7 gal geo pots for 2 seasons. As stated above, the geos are much thicker and seem to have better stitching. To their credit, the smart pots have held up just fine, I can foresee a few more years of use out of them at least. My main issue with...
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    Miracle Grow is not bad

    It's funny to see this thread pop up again. In the two years since, I've changed my tune miracle grow wise. After using better soil (promix) for a couple seasons I wouldn't go back to MG.
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    What is the normal yeild of superhot pepper plants

    I grew a butch T last year in a 7 gal geo pot and got a grand total of 6 pods. Directly beside it, I grew a Dorset naga in a 7 gallon geo pot and got 100+ pods off that plant. You need to find a strain that thrives in your micro climate and exploit the hell out of it if you are interested in...
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    The official TOMATO thread

    The last couple seasons I've just been growing Glacier tomatoes, an heirloom variety from Sweden .Ive already got a couple tiny fruits and between 2 plants they will continue to pump out 2-3 golf ball sized ripe fruits per week until October. That's all the maters I require, I save the rest of...
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    Trinidad Scorpions - slow growth

    I had a Trinidad scorpion butch T plant a couple years ago that just totally stalled at about 8" high. It would not grow no matter what I did, full sun, partial sun, full shade, indoors under lights, outdoors, no luck. I was too stubborn to give up on it so I over wintered it and the next...
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    educate a newbie on growing the hottest :)

    Just re-read your grow list, everything but cayenne is a Chinese I think. I'm not sure about the apache. You should try growing some annums next year, they do pretty well with our short season
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    greenhouse Crappy nighttime temps and greenhouse climates ...

    I don't have a greenhouse, but the nighttime temps in my area are nearly always in the 50s during my growing season. I've never had any pod setting issues, and I grew most of the common superhots last year. Ymmv, but hopefully that gives you some perspective.
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    educate a newbie on growing the hottest :)

    Koi pond water would be great for your plants. As for picking the first pods, I usually leave the c. Chinese pods since they take a while to ripen. I pick all the early pods on my c. annums and other quick podding varieties
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    how does cold weather affect pods?

    I find that my late season pods have far less heat than the early season pods do. I had some scotch bonnets that were awesome mid season, but the late season pods from the same plants were nearly heatless. I'd pick them early and brown bag ripen them if for no other reason than to preserve their...
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    cutlery Your favorite kitchen knifes...

    Does that mean you spent $150 on that knife? Wow that is phenomenal for Damascus steel
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    cutlery Your favorite kitchen knifes...

    I've had these for 8 months or so now and I quite like them. I am super paranoid of breaking them, so I keep them in a separate drawer from the rest of my knives and anything metal. It says in the instruction pamphlet that came with them to only use them on boneless meats, apparently they can...
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    best way to fund pepper hobby/obsession

    trade seeds to get new varieties instead of buying them. then all you really need to pay for is dirt and water, peppers can be a cheap hobby if you let them be.
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    recipe jerk seasoning recipe

    An old Jamacian dude told me to try using blackstrapp molasses instead of brown sugar in jerk paste. He said that his mom always used molasses because it was cheaper than brown sugar. I like the depth that molasses adds, I stopped using soy sauce in my jerk since adding molasses.