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    bottling some bottling questions

    hi, ive got a few questions about bottling my sauce fyi.... its pretty acidic.  vinegar citrus and lemon juice inside           ill be using 5oz woozy bottles   1 if my recipe doesn't require cooking, should I use the hot fill method for it, or what way should I  seal the bottle to keep it shelf...
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    hi everyone   im Derek new here im developing my new hot sauce to put out on the market rainbow hot sauce.... habanero  orange spice sauce you can check it out here   or if youd like to help support its release  please check out my kickstarter  ...
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    do i need to start a new topic to post in welcome?
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    hi.. im new  this site is a little confusing,  I don't see how to post without replying to someone else post... im trying to post in the welcome area   thanks for your help