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    hydroponic DWC or Wilma

    Wouldn’t the larger diameter hose at the bottom be the suction line, Leaving the smaller diameter hoses at the top being delivery lines?
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    hydroponic DWC or Wilma

    Hi all, As my greeting stated, I’m going to get a hydro (insert type of system here) for Christmas. Just wondering if anyone has experience with DWC or Wilma systems? I read somewhere that Wilma was the best for peppers, then later, DWC was 😂 I’m obviously in two (🙄) minds now, or are there...
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    Hi from Perth down under!

    Hi all, have been growing super hots for a while now, I absolutely love ‘em 😊 Looking to get into hydro soon (Christmas present hydro set-up) Love to all!!! Kev