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    Looking to try new Hot sauces

    Check out High River sauces. They only have about 4 or 5 different sauces but they are done right. Amazing flavor and a good amount of heat. My personal favorite by them is Rogue which is a scorpion and blood orange sauce, and their FooFoomaMaChoo which is their reaper sauce. All excellent imo.
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    Butch T pod shape

    My butch t's were relatively consistent and most had the typical shape with the tail. Did have a few that looked like a moruga also.
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    I ordered a couple varieties from her a few days ago. They came extremely quick within like 2 days with a few freebies. I did notice that her inventory was a bit low. Hope all is well with her.
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    heat Which peppers set pods in the hottest weather

    Here in NY it was really hot last summer, but also very humid. My brain strains, reapers, butch t's, chocolate habs, and bbg7's put out insane amounts of pods. I only grew chineses last summer and they all did amazing. I think the humidity really helped.
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    Pepper ignorance

    hahaha yea you're probably right but instead of hopping in the shower I'll know to pour a gallon of milk on my balls instead lol
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    Pepper ignorance

    Well this has already been covered but I'll tell mine anyway. It was late at night around 12 o'clock, and I got the craving for something spicy. I began cutting up some brain strains to put right on some dogs. Usually I'm pretty careful when cutting pods but after a few beers that night I didn't...
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    Ghengis Khan Brain

    Do you have any idea what it's crossed with?
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    chinense MOA scotch bonnets

    What is the main difference between the MoA and a regular yellow scotch bonnet?
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    Ghengis Khan Brain

    Of course, I'm excited to try this bad boy. I'm curious to see how they grow out.
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    Ghengis Khan Brain

    Hello everyone, I was just seeing if any body has any experience with this pepper. I saw seeds for sale through fords fiery foods and decided to order some. It's supposedly f6 and was made by Italian growersand It looks pretty gnarly but can't find too much info on it. If anyone has tried one or...
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    chinense Habanada peppers

    Trust me so am I, just thought it was kinda interesting. As I said I was bummed out they had no heat just thought it was cool
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    chinense Habanada peppers

    Not sure if anyone has heard of this new pepper called the habanada. It supposedly is a habanero with no heat, only the habanero flavor. I picked a plant up at a local nursery after misreading the label. Needless to say I was kinda bummed as I thought they would pack a decent punch. Then I...
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    New Member

    Im on Long Island, and i am growing indoors haha just didnt start them on the 19th
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    New Member

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I"m 22 from NY and have been growing and eating peppers since I was young. I currently am growing some Reapers, Chocolate Habs, Naga Vipers, Bhuts, and some 7 Pod Primos, which all will soon have pods. I've lurked this...