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    fermenting Is this yeast? Mold?

    Hi everyone, this is a vacuum bag ferment i started on 15 sept. It’s a 3% salt with habanero. Anyone know if this white deposit is normal and safe for consumption? I have 2 bag with this sort of white liquid at the bottom.
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    fermenting Mold? Slime? What to do

    Done! Thx for the tip. Ngl i oppenedd maybe 2-3 times since adding brine. To either add the weigths, take sone brine out due to overflow and burp a couple times. The image i added was before adding brine and weigths. You cant see the mold or yeast on it yet
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    fermenting Mold? Slime? What to do

    Hello there. I’m a beginner at fermenting and started 3 different mash ferments in fido jars. I started woth no brine and 3.5% salt with fresh out the garden hot peppers. After 6-7 days i noticed some yeast and maybe the beginning of some mold (tiny little fuzzy flakes). What I did is remove...
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    Hello everyone! I’m a new pepper enthusiast looking to share my experiences and learn from others.