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  1. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Hot Mix Avail SFRB $25

    If anyone is interested in a box, let me know. Getting close to last harvest of the season. Mix includes red + yellow scorpions, naga morich, peach bainstrain, chocolate butlah (very limited), 7 pot white (limited), chocolate scorpions (limited).
  2. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale $25 Red Hot Super Hots

    $25 SFRB Red Hot Super Hots. Scorpions, Naga Morich, Dragon's Breath. Message me if you are interested.
  3. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Peach, White, and Chocolate Box: $25

    $25 SFRB. Peach (Bainstrain), White (7 Pot), Chocolate (Bhutlah HUGE, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions) Mix. Get 'em before the season is over. PM me if interested; got enough for 2 boxes of this special combo.
  4. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Hots For Sale $25 SFRB

    Haha, no worries! Totally understand. My wife is not a fan when I dehydrate them in the house lol.
  5. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Hots For Sale $25 SFRB

    No SBs, but I have a big mix of Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and 7-Pots (multi-color) if you are interested. A few 7-pot whites which are pretty neat!
  6. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Hots For Sale $25 SFRB

    Message me if interested. Pics below, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions muti-colored, Naga Morichs, 7-Pot, etc. Pics attached. Sending some boxes in a couple of hours.
  7. southernhotpeppers

    wanted Any pods ripening that you don't mind selling?

    Sounds good! $25 for SFRB. I can pick them tomorrow afternoon and ship on Tues (since tomorrow is holiday). Will send a picture of them too. My PayPal is if that works for you? Thanks!
  8. southernhotpeppers

    wanted Any pods ripening that you don't mind selling?

    Hi Eddie! You still looking for pods? Have some yellow & red Maruga Scorpions, Naga Morichs, 7 pot, etc. Let me know if you are interested!
  9. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Gnarly Super Hots - SFRB $20

    Let me know if you are interested with a DM!
  10. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Hot SFRB

    Sold - thanks all!
  11. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale Super Hot SFRB

    Mix similar to the attached avail for $18. Hottest of the hot. DM if interested. Peace!
  12. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale GNARLY Mix - SFRB $18

    Want some of these guys? Will pull the gnarliest of the gnarly and send your way. PM if interested! Super fresh, super hot, and super gnarly.
  13. southernhotpeppers

    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2021

    Angry Dragon's Breath
  14. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale SFRB Super Sale $18

    Hi All - Pulled a big bounty of super hots yesterday (dragon's breath, death spiral, ghosts, scorpions, and 7-Pot). Message me if interested!
  15. southernhotpeppers

    for-sale SFRB -> 25 pods, ghost pepper dominate $20.

    Please email me at if interested - Thanks!
  16. southernhotpeppers


    Hello! Happy to find this site. Seem like a really neat space for fellow chiliheads to connect. I am a grower from SW Michigan with a variety of super-hot peppers. I've loved insanely spicy foods for as long as I can remember and am excited to be part of this community.