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  1. Marturo

    chinense How are your bonnets doing?

    Thanks for the Pineapple Scotch bonnet jam recipe @MarcV . It's something very special for my Hot Belgian Waffles :party:
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    Hi, my name is (what?)

  3. Marturo

    container Should I cut off the lower leaves of my container pepper plants?

    I see your point, however in my case, using Black woven Weed covers, I dont have the soil splash to worry about. So I just pick the lower yellow leaves that die off naturally & end up with a clean lower trunk around picking time.
  4. Marturo

    food-safety Is this Kahms yeast?

    Found this in a search.
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    Hey all.

    :welcome: 2 The Hot Pepper.
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    New guy here

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    condiments Chilli Tomato jam recipe

    Sounds delicious.
  8. Marturo

    pod Are these scotch bonnet peppers?

    Do they taste alike?
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    Heyo, new grower here.

  10. Marturo

    chinense I'm confused about the Datil pepper

    My Scotch bonnets will be back again next season, however not these BC Datils They taste nothing like a Scotch Bonnet IMHO.
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    Two Word Turd

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    New hot pepper enthusiast

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    Two Word Turd

    the fish
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    Two Word Turd

    the day
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    Hi i'm Luke, grower of chillis, gardener and cook

    :welcome: :hot:Peppers spoken here.
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    pics Another batch of Habaneros and (White spots?)

    Cut off the spots & dry them. Yes.
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    Two Word Turd

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    Hello from south central PA. :)

    :welcome: From NC
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