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  1. Grass Snake

    OnlyPeppers 2023

    Season is officially over! The first frost expected tonight. Pulled what I could but lots of peppers left on the plants.
  2. Grass Snake

    chinense I'm confused about the Datil pepper

    I never did get Datil peppers to make any comparisons. I started these plants way too late in the season. By the time the plants were big enough to start flowering the Texas heat had already set in not allowing them to set any fruit. The Ebay Datil did try hard and set 1 decent pod but then...
  3. Grass Snake

    Greeting fellow chili heads

  4. Grass Snake

    Bell peppers

    Look at California Wonder, it's easy to grow and highly productive.
  5. Grass Snake

    overwintering Favorites question.

    I put plants in the shed when it gets really cold. A milkbox heater at the lowest setting (freeze protection) will keep my wife's ivys, money tree and other plants alive.
  6. Grass Snake

    overwintering Favorites question.

    Hey neighbor! I've overwintered a couple plants and found it was more trouble than it's worth. When you bring plants in from outside it always invites trouble, that's been my experience anyway. If the plant is in the ground cut it down to the base and put a pile of leaves on top until spring...
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    Hi all,

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    issue Reaper question

    Aji dulce reaper :P
  9. Grass Snake

    issue Reaper question

    Not hot enough or no heat detectable?
  10. Grass Snake

    pod This is not capela yellow

    Here you can buy them under the name "Santa Fe" and they're usually bigger than the average Jalapeno but I've also seen some that are more stubby.
  11. Grass Snake

    pod This is not capela yellow

    Looks like it could be Guero pepper
  12. Grass Snake

    seeds Viable seed stock?

    Yes, if they weren't frozen you should still have viable seeds.
  13. Grass Snake

    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

  14. Grass Snake

    annuum Pepper size (rellenos)

    how about a Bell pepper type? I would look at the yellow and orange ones for stuffing.
  15. Grass Snake

    Natural Born Basterds

    I like the pod shapes on #6
  16. Grass Snake

    misc How often do you mix up seedlings?

    Q & A What happens when you mix up Scotch bonnets? Nothing you still have Scotch bonnets :lol:
  17. Grass Snake

    misc How often do you mix up seedlings?

    Ok it was me; I'm the one who mislabeled the seeds that led to the "Jalapeno gate" scandal. I'm sorry! glad I got that off my chest :D
  18. Grass Snake

    Sensual cooking with Grass Snake and friends

    I need to grow corn next year so I can fully evolve into a badass. You custom make that meme @ahayastani ?😹
  19. Grass Snake

    It is what it is 2023

    How do they compare to Padron? I heard they’re similar.
  20. Grass Snake

    It is what it is 2023

    1 and 10 shishito will be hot from what I hear. You just happen to get the hot one lol. Have you tried anymore?