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  1. Avon Barksdale

    Laurus nobilis

    I would be happy to but I'm no longer in St. Louis, I was just there a short while for a job. I'm back home several hours away now.
  2. Avon Barksdale

    Laurus nobilis

    Tradewindsfruit has them   I've always had good luck with their seeds.   You might want to check around local nurseries too.  I bought a couple small bay laurel trees for $3.99 each at a nursery in St. Louis a few weeks ago.
  3. Avon Barksdale

    Sourcing, Buying, and Growing a Curry Leaf Tree

    In case anyone is looking has curry trees. I've bought a lot of plants from them and they are a quality business, reasonable prices, healthy plants, fast shipping, and huge selection.
  4. Avon Barksdale

    Any 'cold' peppers?

    Serranos do very well in colder weather compared to most varieties, they originated in the mountains in Puebla and Hidalgo, Mexico, where I'm sure it gets colder than the lower altitude regions. Serranos and pubescens are always the last ones standing for me, and they continue to set pods in...
  5. Avon Barksdale

    not sure i like this

    I wouldn't worry about it, unless your ground or potting mix has really bad drainage. We just finally got our first rain in over a month last night. You don't see the vegetation around your yard dying every time there are heavy rains do you?
  6. Avon Barksdale

    container Growing Peppers in Black Plastic Containers

    Have you felt some of these containers on hot days in full sun? They get really, really, hot, and the color (and type of material) makes a big difference. I've noticed that my plants in black plastic pots thrive in the spring and then start to struggle when it gets really hot. Here's some...
  7. Avon Barksdale


    How big are they? Mine usually get to a fairly decent size before they set fruit. Maybe they're too young? The only time I've had problem with fruit set was the first year when I only had one plant and didn't get a single fruit, but I have so many bees (and wasps) in the backyard I'm always...
  8. Avon Barksdale

    Mulch + Cow or Sheep manure

    Most mulch is a little big for a potting mix, the big pieces don't leave a lot of room for roots to grow. You can do a 5:1:1 mix of 5 parts composted pine bark fines, 1 part sphagnum peat, and 1 part perlite, plus some lime.
  9. Avon Barksdale

    Apricot tree from a seed?

    Apricots and peaches usually come fairly true from seed. So most likely you would get a tree that produces good fruit, but there's no way to know for sure without planting it and waiting 4+ years. If you decide to plant it you'll need to cold stratify the seed either in the refrigerator or...
  10. Avon Barksdale

    How many various species of plants in your yard?

    Yeah. I've seen them at Lowe's and Walmart.
  11. Avon Barksdale

    How many various species of plants in your yard?

    You can buy Stevia plants in just about any nursery or big box store.
  12. Avon Barksdale

    Thai Dragon pepper

    They look very similar to the Thai Demon F1 I grew last year. They grew to about 5-6 feet tall and very productive. They were extremely hot for a frutescens and had good flavor, I liked them a lot.
  13. Avon Barksdale

    We Worry to much!

    People attribute plant growth to all kinds of things, including playing music for them and talking to them. As far as Eco seeds goes, apparently they are a reputable company to order seeds from, but if you read that site a lot of the growing information is a little whacky and off the wall. I...
  14. Avon Barksdale

    shade My plants thrive in the shade!

    I think the root zone temps get too hot in potted plants, especially those in black pots. My in ground plants do just fine in full sun and 95+ temperatures once they're well established and the roots are able to penetrate deep to draw water. A full sun pepper is almost always going to be...
  15. Avon Barksdale

    We Worry to much!

    I don't think there is any evidence or reliable information showing that bumpy leaves are caused by calcium deficiency. I've spent plenty of time looking, and have read a few books on nutrients and plants and have never seen anything. Calcium deficiencies are characterized by cholorosis of new...
  16. Avon Barksdale

    How many various species of plants in your yard?

    What color are the flowers? You probably have mock/false/Indian strawberries (potentilla indica), which have yellow flowers and are related to wild strawberries. They're edible, but have no flavor. If the flowers are white then they're probably wild strawberries. Mock strawberries grow all...
  17. Avon Barksdale

    fertilizer Milorganite Fertilizer, human sludge........

    Kellogg's Patio Plus is a regional west coast product. It is not sold here and I don't think it's sold in Texas either, but I don't know for sure. Kellogg's is huge in the biosolids, many of their products are biosolids based, e.g. Amend and Nitrohumus. Patio Plus apparently doesn't contain...
  18. Avon Barksdale


    Yeah, that's what I figured. Unfortunately I planted them in a spot that didn't get much sun because of a very late leafing black walnut tree, so the yield was very low and I didn't have many to experiment with.
  19. Avon Barksdale

    fertilizer Milorganite Fertilizer, human sludge........

    There is also the presence of toxic metals, hormones, prescription drugs. Plus who knows what kind of chemicals are present from toilet paper, makeup, shampoo, dish soaps, or whatever people decide to pour down the drain or flush down the toilet. One study found that plants can actually absorb...