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    ad Bold Badger 2021 Giveaway

    It's a busy time at the old Bold Badger Utility Pepper Research Institute.  The sauce has been bottled for over a month now, but I've been too busy doing farmers markets and working on this year's garden to post a giveaway thread.  I have a free evening tonight so I figured why not.   I have a...
  2. Bold Badger Sauces

    Bold Badger 2021

    Greetings all.  So this year I've decided to go completely nuts and do 1152 plants, or about double the number I had last year.  Here's the list:   1. old yellow 7 pot 246 (6x41) 2. 2020 yellow 7 pot 246 (6x41) 3. OG ghost 2020 96 (6x16) 4. 7 pot primo 96 (6x16)...
  3. Bold Badger Sauces

    Bold Badger 2020 Grow Log

    Greetings again.  As you may recall, my harvest last year was pretty terrible.  I wound up with three carboys of mash, which has been fermenting since October.  I'm planning to bottle that within the next month or so.  I'll probably just be doing Dragonfire and Smokehouse, although one of the 3...
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    Bold Badger 2019

    Well it finally happened.  I knew sooner or later my luck would run out.  You see, I don't actually know what I'm doing when it comes to growing plants.  I've just been winging it so far, lol.  I kept waiting for them to start looking better before I posted a glog, but at this point I guess it's...
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    Bold Badger Sauces 2019 sauce giveaway

    Good news everyone, my new sauce is finally ready for sale.  See my grow log thread here to see how I got to this point.  The sauce fermented until mid-March, so about six months, or double last year's time.  I think the longer fermentation and aging time made a difference, because in all...
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    Bold Badger Mystery Seed Giveaway

    In 2018 I started removing most of the seeds from my peppers before saucing them.  Consequently I wound up with a giant pile of seeds.  It seemed like a waste to just toss them in the compost pile, so I decided I'd give them away to other chili heads.  They're all mixed together so you won't...
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    Idea for a bottling machine

    Most of the cheaper bottling machines I've found online look like this:  ...
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    Yeast or mold?

    Two out of 5 of my batches from last October have some weird looking stuff growing on them.  They smell a bit stronger than I'm used to with kahm as well.  I'm inclined to toss these two.  Of the remaining three, one had no kahm and two had a mild case.   What do you think?             The...
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    Bold Badger 2018 grow log

    So I have about 200 plants this year, about the same as last year.  Here's the breakdown: Pepper Quantity Yellow 7 Pot 80 MOA Scotch Bonnet 39 White 7 Pot 9 Carolina Reaper 4 Yellow Devils Tongue...
  10. Bold Badger Sauces

    seeds A few seed saving questions

    I feel stupid posting about what is mostly common sense, but there are a few little picky things I've been wondering about.  So first of all, I've always read you should save the seeds from the first pods to reach maturity.  Is there really anything to that?  Any idea what kind of differences...
  11. Bold Badger Sauces

    2017 Grow Log - 200 plants, 30 varieties

    Hello all.  Last year was the year I intended to "go big" and start my hot sauce company, but as chance would have it, the soil at my largest garden spot was terrible, all clay.  I had planted about 150 plants there but none of them grew over 6 inches tall.  I had another spot where I planted...
  12. Bold Badger Sauces

    Hello from Kentucky

    My friend told me about this site and I've been lurking for a while now learning more and more about my favorite peppers.  Finally decided to make an account.  I've got a few ghosts and scotch bonnets going this summer.  I'll try to get some pics up in the grow logs forum.