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  1. Dspayre

    shipping European import taxes

    Long live the EU huh? Oh how things are better ever since the EU and euro. Same as getting richer, politicians filling their corrupt pockets and the population....f-ed over. But hey, you don't have to show your passport crossing a border....yay. Ordered lots from the uk...not...
  2. Dspayre

    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Whoops...quoted from the first page without noticing......edit to the next song that's on now 😅.... Osi and the jupiter - Baldur.
  3. Dspayre

    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Estas Tonne - Song of the golden dragon. Acoustic guitar playing next level by a reincarnation of Jesus....this man's got it all..
  4. Dspayre

    music any metal heads on thp?

    Sojourner is a great band.....members are from New zealand, Sweden, Italy and bunch. Love this song....and the lady is the cherry on top of it all!
  5. Dspayre

    favorite Favorite Mayo

    I'm Dutch.....favorite mayo is one of the cheapest actually....'Zaanse mayonaise'....unbeatable, the best!
  6. Dspayre

    pics What hot sauce are you using right now?

    I bought a whole bunch of hot sauces almost half a year ago....a few are already finished and the rest is quite on the way to being finished. That were these.... Finishing what's left of those first but already bought a new bunch which are lined up...really not opening them before the others...
  7. Dspayre

    tutorial The Pest Guide

    My plants are under heavy attack by aphids. Totally infested. A while ago I made a bucket full of water with dishwas soap and spirit and put my plants upside down in it.....worked it seemed but the little buggers came back. Totally infested plants....more aphids than green. So again I made...
  8. Dspayre

    heat Eating whole peppers....or using them in dishes...heat difference as opposed to hot sauces?

    The Chili pepper.....more known here as Spanish pepper.....don't ask me. 😅
  9. Dspayre

    heat Eating whole peppers....or using them in dishes...heat difference as opposed to hot sauces?

    True, one sauce works better than another depending on the dish, which goes for peppers too. I ate a pepper whole the other day.....the typical Spanish pepper most people here use to spice things up, comes wrapped with cut vegetables for making Chinese style food. It was laughable....tasted like...
  10. Dspayre

    tv What Are You Watching Right Now?

    Been watching North&South...never saw the 3rd season so to speak. Finished the initial 2.....still a good series.
  11. Dspayre

    heat Eating whole peppers....or using them in dishes...heat difference as opposed to hot sauces?

    I really like that xxxtra hot Yucateco's a nice one for Mexicsn style foods indeed and packs a good punch....too hot for people not into heat and probably one in the middle maybe if you like it hot. Thanks for the input guys.
  12. Dspayre

    heat Eating whole peppers....or using them in dishes...heat difference as opposed to hot sauces?

    Now I like spicy food, like hot sauces. But I'm wondering how much hotter eating peppers directly, or used in dishes is compared to the sauces. I actually don't have problems with the hotter sauces, DaBomb beyond insanity I can also handle's hot for hotness sake, not exactly flavoury...
  13. Dspayre

    hot-sauce Collecting some sauces

    Fun fun fun. Oddly enough I,m new to the hot sauces....while I do love spicy food. But it's just not a thing here. You'll find not much more than the regular green and red tabasco over here. But recently, after watching 'Hot ones' on youtube I thought hey let's google these sauces, at least...
  14. Dspayre

    tv What Are You Watching Right Now?

    Just finished Spiderman Far from home......oh boy that was really really utterly f-ing bad, what a travesty, what an utter insult to the Spiderman legacy. F-ing up the comics in the last decade wasn't enough. Tomorrow I'll have to watch something good to wash this away....almost anything is...
  15. Dspayre

    music Cover Songs

    Stream of passion - Street spirit. Now that would be a song, from Radiohead, I would say of just don't....don't cover it, that's just too perfect, you'll fail. But Stream of passion made it into a metal version....and definitely succeeded. Band has disbanded, glad I saw them a couple of times...
  16. Dspayre

    music any metal heads on thp?

    Yes I like metal...but also lots of other stuff far from metal. Guess I just like music, most of it in the 'rock' spectrum....with so many genres that you hardly know where to put certain bands. I have so many cd's....a small portion of 'metal' I like......Guns 'n roses, Steelheart, Slaughter...
  17. Dspayre

    First We Feast / Hot Ones on YouTube

    Watching Hot ones made me decide to order a bunch of hot sauces, ranging from mild to extreme, one and a half month ago. Turned out there were a few companies over her importing the stuff. As it turned out we tried DaBomb son ordered it on his own, indeed for pranking his friends. So...
  18. Dspayre

    Hi there....Dutchman here.

    So hello there to all! First introducing yourself before unlocking the whole's like having to deal with a first end of level boss before progressing. Anyway, I'm D'spayre (for an end boss I have my own tag name ), from the Netherlands, I live some 15 miles from Amsterdam. A young...