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    THP needs YouTube subscribers...

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    photography Pet picture thread!

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    smokers MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    Those pics of the pork ribs are outstanding
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    Gourd Goals

    Like Sunday morning.
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    Gourd Goals

    Trying out uploading pics in the new site. Bottle / Birdhouse Gourd
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    Gourd Goals

    2021 Gourds seem to be off to a good start.    
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    wanted Looking for Small Orange Thai

    I got you covered.  PM me your address.  
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    Gourd Goals

    A cool little video on how to harvest/process loofa.
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    Gourd Goals

    i have a few seeds saved if anybody wants to give them a try next year. 
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    Gourd Goals

    Lastly, a pic of the fruit dried out right before peeling the skin off.   
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    Gourd Goals

    Loofa.  I believe they a in the same family as cucumber and can be eaten when very young.  If you let them get old, they get too fibrous to eat but can be used as sponges.     My first year growing.  Only one vine and put it in a grow bag.  It's a climber so needs a trellis.     Here's a pic...
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    Gourd Goals

    I will no longer be beholden to 'Big Sponge Corp'.   
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    I'll go $60 on the 4 pack of bbq sauce from Harry D. 
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    There was a kid in my neighborhood who's parents were so religious he wasn't allowed to listen to Van Halen because of the song 'Runnin' w/ the Devil'.     He would by VH's albums and stash them at his friends houses so he wouldn't get into trouble.  
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    The loss of a great friend.

    Sad news.  I didn't know him well but he was generous and a great Throw Down cook.     RIP
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    grocery Pork Roll?

    Pork Roll is okay but if you want a real treat try some scrapple.,then%20pan%2Dfried%20before%20serving.
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    shopping All Things Charcoal

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    Late Night Chicken Thighs

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    In Search of Urfa Biber

      Thanks again SNF.    
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    The Splendid Table (podcast) - Episode 662: Pepper Party

    This episode is devoted to the spicy nightshade, the chili. We learn about the global spread and cultural importance of chili peppers from botanist Heather Arndt Anderson, author of Chillies: A Global History. We get a lesson on making Oaxacan chiles rellenos from Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza...