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    video B.A. Kratky hydroponics, bucket vs raft and Aqua plates discussed

    Kratky hydroponics, bucket vs raft and commercial adaption discussed.
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    video AutoPot XL Pepper Grow Tear Down and Tips

    It was time to retire the huge pepper plant in my office. Thought that I would share a few AutoPot (self-watering) container & reservoir tips based off my experience.
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    video AeroGarden No Rinse Cleaner Test

    Tested the new AeroGarden no-rinse cleaner.
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    video Thai Hot Peppers in AeroGarden 2021 Bounty

    Big super hots outside, and tiny Thai peppers on my desk. Here is what to expect after 212 days in my AeroGarden.
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    video Video on my AutoPots, Grow Media, Nutrient Feed, Lights, and More

    Overview of my favorite grow media, why I modify plant shape for LED light, reservoir tubing modifications and how I change it, dealing with high mineral water, and basic indoor grow knowledge.
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    indoor Building and Testing Indoor Grow Setup

    Check out my indoor setup!  Stress tested it using fast growing bush squash, and am ready for growing peppers!
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    Test of New Grow System

    My 2 month test run with this setup is going great. Should be able to convert to peppers and have an excellent winter grow.  
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    seeds DIY Kratky Seed Starter / Pepper Cloner Build

      So many other pepper gardeners share my love of the Kratky method (no dirt / no water pump / no air stones) to start seeds or take cuttings.  Here is my Fall video showing my latest pepper starting system.  Hoping that it helps anyone else wanting a quick tutorial.  
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    AutoPot Easy2GO Kit (What's in the box?)

    DIY Hydroponic and Soil growers will appreciate my review of the AutoPot Easy2GO Kit. This simple product automatically waters or delivers nutrients by gravity on/off valves, ZERO Power, with no water pump, air pump, or complications. Automate your grow, extend your vacations away, and more...
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    DIY Fast, Simple, and Cheap way to Connect 0.25" Tubing  
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    hydroponic Fixing Dying Roots and Leaves with Kratky Hydroponics
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    Super HOT Peppers in Custom Office Jars   Here is how I took some glass jars from TJ Maxx store and grew hot peppers with no grow light.  
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    overwintering 30 watt LED & Winter Hot Peppers (Surprise Results)  
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    How to get away with growing peppers in your home.

    Tested this tiny hydroponic planter and found it works.  Perfect for sneaking a small pepper plant into the decor of most homes.  ha ha
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    Part 2 of 2 Grow Test of 27-Gallon Kratky Method Totes

    Here is Part 2 of 2 of the video series that I did featuring non-circulating hydroponics, also known as passive or Kratky method. In this video I am showing the test results using a Tumbler Hybrid F1 dwarf tomato plant. (WORKED ON SEVERAL PEPPER VARIETIES ALSO) In the time lapse, you will get to...
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    hydroponic Kratky Method Hydroponic Totes - Setup Tips

    Peppers and more can be easier than any other method used to grow them. Sharing my tips and setup.
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    nutrients DIY Simple Seed Starter, Only 5 minutes to build and great results!

    Cheap and fast to build, automates much of seed starter and seedling growing. Easy to move plants. Check out the build and test results in the video.
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    Kratky Method Malawi Peppadew Now Survives Snow

    Hydroponic season extension works incredibly well, when using large containers of nutrient solution that holds daytime heat, and keeps the plants up off the cold ground. Additionally, in the 27 gallon tote shown in the video below, there is an air gap between the nutrient water and the top of...
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    indoor Shaking and Snipping My Way to Indoor Success

    Hot peppers in a small space doing great. Love growing in water.
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    Kratky Method Malawi Peppadew Surviving Freezing Weather

    Water volume in hydroponics helps hold heat. See how this Malawi Peppadew pepper plant in 27 gallon Kratky tote survives 28F / -2C weather, and days of hard freezes.