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  1. fishhead

    recipe-wanted DIY Taco Seasoning Ideas

    Yea, I can go to the chain grocery and pick up a handful of 99 cent packets, but what is the fun of that? I'm looking for a good spice blend that I can whip up with some of what I grow, or what I can buy from my local mex grocery. Yes, NECM, I could use the Google, with key search words such...
  2. fishhead

    pod '20 seed xchange mystery- not fidalga amarillo

    Some plants from the last seed exchange are starting to produce well. I ended up with a mystery pepper and would like any input. It was labeled fidalga amarillo, and shared by reddit user janisthorn2. Well, it is clearly not a fidalgo amarillo, as pods are red and not top shaped. The taste...
  3. fishhead

    Aji Paprika - more specific?

    I received some Aji Paprika seeds from a friend in Peru last year.  There was a dried pod included, and it tasted really good.  So, I thought that I'd give it a shot this year in my grow.  The seeds were a PITA to get started.  Several germination fails.  When they did germinate, helmets were a...
  4. fishhead

    shopping Asian wrappers?

    No, not this kind of rapper, This type of wrapper So, I've been doing a whole bunch of poppers lately. Love em. Kids love em. Problem is, my backyard supply of bigger "stuffing/popper'ing" pepper plants are not keeping up with demand. But, I do have some smaller peps that could be...
  5. fishhead


    For the last couple of dinners either the grill or oven was already on, so, poppers: Wind harvested me some aji Amarillo and a aji rojo, so I thought, why not. Just using some stuff I had lying around. Peppers Adobo seasoning Cream cheese Provalone cheese - for a topping strip Elk polish...
  6. fishhead

    Not an expert, but I think it's a boy.

    Went out to get my first round of harvest from my Serrano plant, and became a proud papa.  It's a boy!  
  7. fishhead

    Pepper Guardian Pictures

    I walked by my Aji Limo in one of my self-watering buckets this afternoon and spied a pepper guardian, and thought that it might be fun thread to start in the lounge.  People post pics like this all the time, and I often get a chuckle out of what shows up.   Guardians unite!   Upon closer...
  8. fishhead

    Garlic - do I have to dry for best taste?

    I'm pretty good at growing garlic. Plant at Halloween, harvest July 4, pretty much neglect in between those dates. This year I'm down to 3 varieties, and harvested just shy of 200 plants. I've already ate a few (good as usual), and given some away. To store, I have two methods -both begin...
  9. fishhead

    175W metal halide bulbs need home

    I've got 11 of these bulbs that need a home. They are coated metal halide. A ballast is required (not included). Plusrite MH175/C/U/MED If you want them and will cover the shipping cost, they are yours. But, I don't want...
  10. fishhead

    seeds MG seed starter. WTH?

    So, I'm running another trial or two for "Science is Fun", and I'm messing around with a few soil types.  One thing in my current stable for growing is Miracle Grow (MG) Seed Starter. I've used it for years with other veggies with what I thought was decent success.  I have sprouted a few seeds...
  11. fishhead

    seeds SCIENCE IS FUN #2: H2O2 Coffee Filter Germination

    This goes along with my previous seed soaking and germination trial:   This also goes along with my recent unscientific Hydrogen Peroxide monkeying around.  I was using around 30% H2O2 by volume for pre-soaking some...
  12. fishhead

    seeds SCIENCE IS FUN: H2O2 Germination trial #1

    So, I’ve seen info all over the internet about using hydrogen peroxide to assist with germinating pepper seeds.  But recommendations on concentration and time are kind of all over the board, and much of it seems to be picked up from just a few sources, which kind of just mention it in passing. ...
  13. fishhead

    Anyone trying or tried global buckets?

    I have some garden space, but because of my wind/climate conditions, I'm thinking about using both the garden and the global buckets (5Gal) system, along with using the global buckets soil mix. Does anyone have experience with this, and how about the soil mix recommendation? The soil does not...
  14. fishhead

    Aji seeds direct from Peru. Translate?

    My first real post! OK, I got a few varieties of seeds from a Mercado in Peru. I'm trying to sprout some of them. I know what most of them are, but a couple are still questionable. Sorry, no pics, but I can describe well enough. The bags are labeled: 1. Aji Piris. Looks a lot like Aji...
  15. fishhead

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Hello all, I've spent a lot of time here on THP gleaning a ton of info from everyone. So, I have several questions to eventually ask, so I figured that I should go ahead and sign up. A bit about me - from a pepper standpoint. In the past, I have failed miserably at growing peppers. I mean...