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  1. PollenNut

    free Free Seeds for Veterans

    Free seed for Veterans I would ask that you post pictures of your plants at a minimum and I'm also asking for seed back from any plants you grow. Hybrid creations will be variegated, heterozygous for variegation, or possible heterozygous for variegation...
  2. PollenNut

    annuum Capsicum annuum 'Fish Pepper' x C. annuum 'Tennessee Cheese

     This cross is a double recessive!    We are seeing the birth of the f1 here! If all goes well, we should see 1 or 2 variegated leaves at most in this seedling with a full return of variegation in the f2 with some peppers being sweet and some being hot!        
  3. PollenNut

    Seedless pepper genetics

    I'm getting 100% seedless peppers on this C. annuum 'Variegata' x C. baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach' and I'm wondering... perhaps the pollen might be useful to breed seedless peppers?   At any rate, the seedless peppers in this one f1 seedling is a good reason for growing out more than 1 f1...
  4. PollenNut

    Free seeds international

    I'm sending out free seeds to the first 3 overseas addresses that wish to try some of these crosses.   Some of the crosses you will receive: VSRP x Poblano VSRP x C. chinense dominant 'Morangum' Scarlett's Chili x Anaheim....100% annuum   Everything has a chance of carrying variegated genes, but...
  5. PollenNut

    flavor VSRP working name... Taste Test

    A few of  you were interested in the work in progress VSRP.. aka C. annuum 'Variegata' x C. baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach'   So, here you go... a taste test not performed by me as I'm biased having made the cross.   There is some variegation showing in the f2 already as reported to me by some...
  6. PollenNut

    video More Free triple species interspecific variegated genetics   I would ask that if you get some to germinate, you post pictures if you can and at the very last share some fruit back with me.   The mom in this case, C. annuum 'Variegata' x C. baccatum 'Sugar Rush Peach' has some very beautiful flowers and his heterozygous fro...
  7. PollenNut

    free F1BC1 Free seed being offered

    This cross is arguably one of the best documented hybrids I've seen.... currently a work in progress.   I've got entire albums showing the conception of this ones parents, this one, and so on.... This is the cross that started it all, so you can tell there are variegated genes in this C...
  8. PollenNut

    C3P0 Mustard.... the original Gansta color genetics

    If we see a Mustard C3P0 pepper and we accept the claim that it is the original color then what we know about genetics will tell us that for that Mustard pepper to give red progeny it would have to be crossed with either a red fruit or an orange fruit.     The recessive gene cl resulting in the...
  9. PollenNut

    annuum C. annuum 'Scarletts Chili x C. annuum 'Poblano' f1 intraspecific hybrid seed

    If you want a chance at growing this and live in the USA post here.   In return, I'd like you to send me a ripe fruit back with seeds included if and only if you get this one to grow.   This is based on the honor system folks so anyone want to give it a whack?    Keep in mind you won't get...
  10. PollenNut

    vendor Drax Peppers   I recently ordered from Drax. The order was delivered fast and seeds started to pop right away.   This fellow has some interesting interspecific hybrids. I would warn that many are not stable yet and also open pollinated.   So, while...
  11. PollenNut

    You want interspecific or intraspecific hybrids?     Interspecific hybrids... have different species in them.   Intraspecific hybrids... same species x same species   You can check out the rest in the video
  12. PollenNut

    Some basics on how I hybridize without bees and a few F1 and F1BC1

    1st, emasculate your flower before it opens.   2 apply some pollen   Pollen is applied Those are the basics.... of course many will rely on bees to do their work... but then it is guess work as to what the cross really is.
  13. PollenNut

    PollenNut in the house

    Here to see what there is to see. I'm a PollenNut. I've been hooked on pollen for a long time and I'm okay with that. Those that know me, know they can frequently find me nose deep inside a flower if there is one to be found.    When I'm not hitting a stigma with some pollen I'm often dreaming...