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  1. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    Hey guys, I just spotted these brown spots on one of my baccatum plants. Any clue as to what it could be? I assume it's not looking very good.. There are a few others with the same issue. Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G930F met Tapatalk
  2. b3rnd

    Leaf issues

    Hey guys, I just spotted some leaf necrosis on my older plants. Any idea what it could be caused by? I water when when the mix is dry. I fertilize once a week and I have a fan blowing. Temperatures fluctuate between 23 and 17 Celsius.   Edited to add: I grow in coir, and I recently switched to...
  3. b3rnd

    F*cking fungus gnats

    I think you guys can guess what this topic is about just by reading the title...    For the second year in a row these little bastards have come to terrorize my grow room. What do you guys do to kill these things? Nothing I do has any effect.   I'd repot everything and discard all old soil, but...
  4. b3rnd

    b3rnd 2020

    Let's give this another shot. In previous seasons I've always slacked on updating my glog, I'll try to do better this year. I think I've said that before, but that's okay.   So last season I swore to scale down a little. Again. Guess what? I scaled up. Again. Whoops  :rolleyes:   My grow list...
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    seeds 'Coffee filter' germination method

    Hey guys. This year I've tried to germinate my seeds on a piece of paper in one of those sealable sauce cups. They're starting to germinate and I realised I actually don't know when to transfer them to pots. Do I wait until I see cotylendons? Or straight away when I see the tip of the root?
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    Best cluster varieties?

    Hey guys,   What are your favourite peppers that grow in clusters? Chinense and Annuum? I'd love to add a few good ones to my grow next season, but I'm undecided. 
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    b3rnd 2019 update

    Hi guys! This year I'm mainly lurking here. I'm following a few projects, some glogs and check for any interesting posts daily. I just haven't gotten around to contributing a lot this year. I had great plans for this season, but as always life tends to get in the way. My dad got diagnosed with...
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    seeds Old seeds germination

    Hey guys! Back from the dead. I hope.    I'll post a glog soonish! I promise? I've been very busy this year. We got a community garden plot, then after a few months got the one next to it. 200 sqm total! Most of my time goes into that, but it also means more room for peppers. You'll see in the...
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    Not a Thunder Mountain Longhorn

    Hey guys,   I haven't been very active here lately, life got in the way. I am growing peppers of course! I came back to share some pictures of these awesome pepper plants with you. As the title says they're supposed to be Thunder Mountain Longhorns, but they look far from it. I planted four...
  10. b3rnd

    Best peppers for powders?

    Hello my friends,   What are, in your opinion, the tastiest peppers to make powders from? And what do you use them in?   I am looking to expand my spice rack a bit, and until now I've just powdered what I had. For next season I'd like to really grow a few varieties for the sole purpose of making...
  11. b3rnd

    A great new growdown idea

    Hey guys!   I've thought of a nice little competition for the coming season. Let's see who has the longest! So whip 'em out boys, unzip those zippers. We measure from the base to the tip. The calyx counts, but the peduncle doesn't. Yes, of course I'm talking about peppers, you pervert. I mean...
  12. b3rnd

    Dulce Sol heat?!

    Hi guys,   I'm growing the Dulce Sol from It's a beautiful pepper, and I love the way it looks. On the website they describe the pepper as having no or no noticeable heat, but the pods I've picked are not heatless at all. I almost ruined my GF's meal by telling her to add it...
  13. b3rnd

    Save a broken branch?

    Hey guys, Has any of you ever tried to save a broken-off branch? The wind damaged one of my plants and a big branch broke off. It had loads of unripe peppers too.
  14. b3rnd

    Identity parade. I need your help!

    Hey guys, I was in Hungary and Croatia this last few weeks and of course I tried to find some good regional peppers. Hungary is known for its paprikas but there was a box of hot peppers in one of the markets that caught my eye. It wasn't just some jalapeños and bird's eyes; it also had a pepper...
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    container Container growing secrets?

    Hey guys. This isn't the first topic I've made on this, but this time I wanted to take the discussion a bit broader. I have most of my plants in pots, like most years. This year, however, I seem to have bought the wrong soil that basically made it all fail. But, I had a few 'rejects' that I was...
  16. b3rnd

    Thin-walled peppers

    Hey guys,   What are some other pepper varieties with thin walls? I've grown Aji Amarillo's that are pretty thin-walled. They even dried out on the plant back when I was in Portugal! It's a nice feature for when you're making powders. 
  17. b3rnd

    soil Soil mixing

    Hey there friends,   I know there's a sticky on this subject, but the comment section is kind of a mess... I'd like to start a little convo about soil mixing. In Paul's topic on the PdN x Bonda community grow he mentioned I could check out the ingredients on Fox Farms soil mixes and try to mix...
  18. b3rnd

    Different pod genetics

    Hey people,   I've seen/heard some growers say something along the lines of "I'm going to save seeds from this specific pod because of the way it looks". But from what I understand all pods from the same plant share the same genetics, right? Why do people do this?
  19. b3rnd

    frutescens Aji Charapita: Chinense or Frutescens?

    I didn't really want to make another topic on this pepper, but I want to put it in the right place in my collection. I wrote it down as a Frutescens, but I see people refer to it as a Chinense too. Which is it?   Ps. I got some serious deja-vu going on asking this question, but I searched the...
  20. b3rnd

    How important are phosphates?

    All of the fertilizers I have in the house have a low P value. I have one that's specifically for peppers (Chilli Focus) that has an NPK of 3 - 1 - 4.4. I also ordered another fertilizer which I thought was just fish extract but apparently is a full-on fertilizer (Biobizz Fish-Mix) with an NPK...