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  1. bushwhackxj

    Hello from BC, Canada

    Hi all,   I'm not actually new here, but i have been absent for a few years. I'm back... I have a garden bed again (although fairly small) and some space for some potted plants. I'm from British Columbia, Canada and have a passion for chiles. I am always open to seed trading although most of my...
  2. bushwhackxj

    seeds Old seed stock + grafting

    hi all, Unfortunately I've been away from the forums as well as growing peppers for a couple years now. Family has taken priority over gardening and peppers..... But i've got the itch and I need to get back into it.   With a grow room empty for a couple years, I've unfortunately fallen out of...
  3. bushwhackxj

    indoor worm bin critter, dangerous indoors?

    Today i took a good look at my worm bin and its associated castings. The number of worms hiding was astronomical, but i also found another critter to be living amungst us. im looking for some help to identify, and to see if it would be a bad idea to introduce them to my indoor plants. ---They...
  4. bushwhackxj

    Grow room implosion ??

    Hi all. wondering if i can get some educated troubleshooting.... I have a 6x6 room that i have completely wrapped and taped in plastic to save the drywall and to make cleanup easier. This has worked great with a 5" cheapo duct booster fan as my exhaust and a passive intake from my garage... my...
  5. bushwhackxj

    Cover crops of alfalfa

    Ok, so ive been doing a little research on how to build up my soil/ rebuild my soil. I'll give small idea of my situation. I just recently moved into a new house and have been offered an empty lot to grow my peppers and veggies in. Ive chopped,hacked,ripped,dug,torn, and tilled. Leaving approx...