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  1. Dspayre

    heat Eating whole peppers....or using them in dishes...heat difference as opposed to hot sauces?

    Now I like spicy food, like hot sauces. But I'm wondering how much hotter eating peppers directly, or used in dishes is compared to the sauces. I actually don't have problems with the hotter sauces, DaBomb beyond insanity I can also handle's hot for hotness sake, not exactly flavoury...
  2. Dspayre

    Hi there....Dutchman here.

    So hello there to all! First introducing yourself before unlocking the whole's like having to deal with a first end of level boss before progressing. Anyway, I'm D'spayre (for an end boss I have my own tag name ), from the Netherlands, I live some 15 miles from Amsterdam. A young...