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  1. sobelri

    Gourd Goals

    I will no longer be beholden to 'Big Sponge Corp'.   
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    Late Night Chicken Thighs

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    The Splendid Table (podcast) - Episode 662: Pepper Party

    This episode is devoted to the spicy nightshade, the chili. We learn about the global spread and cultural importance of chili peppers from botanist Heather Arndt Anderson, author of Chillies: A Global History. We get a lesson on making Oaxacan chiles rellenos from Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza...
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    recipe-wanted BIQUINHO Pickle Recipe?

    Any suggestions for a pickle recipe for Biquinos?  I have a ton and not a fan of them raw.  
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    hot-sauce Old Bay has a hot sauce now and some folks are pretty excited

    Personally, I'm not that excited but to each his own.  (Note - Old Bay is fine in my book, I can just do without the marketing hype)
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    My tastebuds are back.....

    so I smoked a chuck roast over pecan.         
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    smoking Standing Guard

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    harvesting Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim w/ Seed Starter Kit on Sale @ HomeDepot

    Looks like a decent deal.  Price is good today (Nov 8) only.
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    In Search of Urfa Biber

    Let me know if you have any for sale or trade.     Thanks in advance. 
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    smokers Electric Smoker Accessories

    For those of you who use electric smokers are there any must have accessories?  I'm looking for a gift idea for a friend who uses a Masterbuilt (not sure of the model #) but I don't have any experience w/ electric smokers.  Are there any tools/accessories that are unique to electric smokers?   ...
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    grilling Wife's Birthday Gift

  12. sobelri

    Chopped Baker

    Smoked a couple of chuck roasts on the WSM.  Salt & Pepper only over post oak.  Wrapped at 180 and pulled off around 207.  Chopped it up and put in on a baked potato.  Shitty pics, but it tasted pretty good.      
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    smoking Weber Charcoal Briquettes - Clearance Sale at Home Depot

    20lb Bag on sale for $3.90.
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    smoking Smoked Chuck Roast on the Kettle

  15. sobelri

    'lil Bastard

    Stripped two plants down to almost nothing.      
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    Wings on the Weber Smokey Mountain

    Smoking some wings for the game tonight......  
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    smoking Scotch Eggs

    First attempt at some scotch eggs on the WSM.      
  18. sobelri

    Is this going to be a problem?

    I started this yellow Thai in mid-September from seed.  It looks fine, nice healthy leaves and nice roots but I just noticed that the lower portion of the stem is discolored and has a different texture from the rest of the stem.  Is this going to be a problem?  if so, any suggestions on what to...
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    vendor Hop rhizome vendors

    Can anyone recommend a reliable vendor for hop rhizomes (or let me know who to stay away from)?  I'm not looking for links to vendor sites, but input from anyone with actual experience with the vendor.     Thanks in advance.