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    free Free seed contest ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

    I'll try 6 pods.
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    Scientists creating plants that make their own fertilizer

    The amout of energy savings on production alone would be huge, add fuel saved with shipping and spreading. Also safety issues in handling, shipping, and storage of nitrogen fertilizers would disappear. Runoff of nitrogen into waterways and groundwater would also stop being a concern. Also less...
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    water Who else has high PH public water?

    Try MgSulfate aka Epsom Salts 1table spoon per gallon. It seems to help here in the midwest with the combo of hard water and alkaline glacial till soils. I mix in some of the salt in the soil in spring and if I need to water the garden alot during the grow season I'll add some more.
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    Need some more members for my giveaways

    Sending PM. Thanks for the chance.
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    Night time low forcast of <50 degress in mid Aug? What happen to summer?

    Night time low forcast of <50 degress in mid Aug? What happen to summer?
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    Need HELP!!!!!!!

    As long as you don't transfer the oil to her. In which case she may bobbit for you. :onfire:
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    Have you ever grown a pepper that was nasty? Which ones?

    What a person learns to like as an young child also has major impact on likes and dislikes.
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    seeds Something is still eating my seedling leaves

    Some like to do it in the dark. Are they outside? Slugs?
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    Something made holes in my peppers

    I'd say parrot but, but global warming is not bad enough for Toronto to have parrots yet that I know of.
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    hunan hands

    Be careful of what you touch.
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    lighting Operation: Hot Pepper University (Lighting problem finally solved!)

    Taking any botany classes or know someone who is? Maybe you can get some room there.
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    seeds Seedlings getting tall

    From wiki. A cotyledon (/kɒtɨˈliːdən/; "seed leaf" from Greek: κοτυληδών kotylēdōn, gen.: κοτυληδόνος kotylēdonos, from κοτύλη kotýlē "cup, bowl") is a significant part of the embryo within the seed of a plant. Upon germination, the cotyledon may become the embryonic first leaves of a seedling...
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    seeds Seedlings getting tall

    Topping is the removal of the growing part that is on the top of the plant. This encouages side shoots and gives time for the main stalk to thicken, but I agree with chasy83 your plants are to young for topping. The ideal of planting them upto their cotyledons is the best along with more light...
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    seeds Seedlings getting tall

    A gradual increase in the sun now will let them build up a "sun tan" and prevent sun damage and give them the light they are craving. Like those of us in the north need to build up a tan in the spring to keep from burning.
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    seeds Seedlings getting tall

    Just the opposite. Gradually harden them off by starting with short periods of direct sun light than slowly increasing the time in the sun.
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    pests do you get those, too? (bugs)

    You could set out a water dish for them like a good pet owner.
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    pests do you get those, too? (bugs)

    On you tube  How To Care For A Rollie Pollie ( A.K.A Pill Bugs
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    pests do you get those, too? (bugs)

    From what I've read only threaten seedling. Their jaws are to weak to chew into more mature plants.
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    pests do you get those, too? (bugs)

    Armadillidiidae AKA Pill bugs, rolly pollies, wood lice . etc. Also kids can use them as pets.
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    Vampire Pepper

    "Anyone ever heard of it? I'm guessing it might be a Purple Jalapeno or Black Hungarian" Maybe a Black Transylvanian Pepper?