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  1. nitwit


    are you trying to get as many pepper plants as possible for: A. variety B. Volume C.  best yield for area D. best variety for this area   ????   what tomatos are you using?   what media are you going to grow in?
  2. nitwit

    Rural or Urban

    in the city
  3. nitwit

    have been flying under the radar am looking and see you still at school, you gonna end up in...

    have been flying under the radar am looking and see you still at school, you gonna end up in the fed? pics show you still at mason?
  4. nitwit

    Carolina Reaper (HP22B) Community Grow

    if some people would try to   put half of the amount of their negative efforts   into anything positive; they might soon lose sight of that negative BS   and only allow time (or have time for) for the positive     peppers are groovy and more variety is more groovier
  5. nitwit

    Warning to all gardeners: Do not kill hornworms!

    if they get caught anywhere near mine they are done for   bacillus thuringiensis is finding one bite and they die   then i see them becoming fertilizer     kill them all
  6. nitwit

    Dot Com's 2013 Glog

    when you see some pollen you may want to transfer some from the male parts to the female parts kind of like manual sex or you can find a dead bee and use that i think the flowers will open with or without light for what it is worth we see you getting flowers in march and think that it is good...
  7. nitwit

    HELP, 4 weeks old sprout getting sick? (photo attached)

    can anyone give me some suggestion on my DIY? your DWC looks to be interesting it may work better to give the rooots a little less light maybe cover your reservoir with aluminium sheeting also the water droplets may do better with a little fertilizer formulated for soilless growing if that...
  8. nitwit

    health White spots on underside of leaf

    do you let your kitty cat get near your plants? maybe a little defoliant spray there from that? welcome to the asylum might try to wash that stuff off edited to welcome etcetera
  9. nitwit

    Leaves falling Off?

    looks just like the creepy brown crud i have been fighting for a few years have been trying to use copper sulfate, sulfur and pyrethrins etcetera with limited success the Cu S i use is a "bourdeaux" and the Bonide spray type of stuff i have been using...
  10. nitwit

    HELP, 4 weeks old sprout getting sick? (photo attached)

    so, you are concerned about the purple we see in the photo? relax and do not sweat the purpling. like another poster noted they look a little wet purple color is from adequate/ good lighting i think they look pretty good and will likely supply you with some yummy peppers please make sure...
  11. nitwit

    Dot Com's 2012 Grow Log

    i dunno it looks pretty jalapeno- esque we sometimes get a seed from before fools us one way to find out is EAT ONE the jamaicans look yummy :onfire:
  12. nitwit

    How many pods or lbs of pepper to make a mini batch of sauce?

    "I don't have to waste my harvest experimenting." please do not hesitate to make sauces with store bought peppers the availability of these items make them perfect for prototyping with you do not need to grow your own onions and black pepper it is absolutely a thrifty idea to use the cheap...
  13. nitwit

    Dot Com's 2012 Grow Log

    it is likely ok on the balcony do not leave them where they can "walk off" how did the dorsett taste? maybe nitwit needs to be more patient? maybe you want to grow some chocolate habs? ;)
  14. nitwit

    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    Thoughts? ideas? suggestions? like the salt barrier method you can probably sweep all the salt to the edges to cover the corner gap between the lid and the glass, may try to pile it 1/2" above the metal for full coverage maybe to remove can suck up the salt with the shop vac first to lose less...
  15. nitwit

    spongey's 2012 grow

    have you tried a taste of that yellow ooze in the blue gloved photos? bet it is something yummy!!!!!!! (but do not get any on your willie) :onfire:
  16. nitwit

    seeds Seed to producing in 2 months.... Any hope in hell?

    is there any hope in hell of seeing a single pepper from these before winter hits, even assuming a delayed frost? if you can get a blossom you may be able to get a "single pepper" if you get all the growth energy focused on 'only' that it may oblige you ( think prune to only one pod and a few...
  17. nitwit

    $2.49 worth of plants and now what to do?

    yo rob dude, the chocolate habs will likely be well hot enough to burn your butt well (and mouth) and there is a good chance you will have difficult time attempting to eat a whole one of those or "any" type of ghost once they get them little chilis on them and you are brave enough to try...
  18. nitwit

    what the.... D:

    yo, dude dude get a couple of traps for them or...
  19. nitwit

    spongey's 2012 grow

    it looks like something rubbed against it there maybe the bungee jumping spider pictured there has been partying pretty hard there with his buddies? :onfire: :onfire: :onfire:
  20. nitwit

    Dot Com's 2012 Grow Log

    i think it is ok to weed out the marigolds and such and just grow food type crops maybe you can get the other dave to send you the offered choco bhuts and sprout them and try to get them also planted out at the organic grow where the hot red head was at? :party: :tear: