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  1. Kendog

    In Need of Seed

    Thanks Jester.  PM sent.
  2. Kendog

    In Need of Seed

    I started here back about 8 years ago and managed to get help from fellow hot pepper enthusiasts much like yourselves.  Learned how to grow superhots and learned many tricks in the making.  Over the last couple years I had brought a baby boy into my life and I had to put hot peppers on hold for...
  3. Kendog

    Off the shelf ferts

    I am a fan of organic tomato tone and also using fish fertilizer(not a fan of the smell). I like all organic but that's my preference. I even using store bough potting mix - Pro-mix Not lazy just easier.
  4. Kendog

    Sounds like a painfully crappy start of the day :)

    Sounds like a painfully crappy start of the day :)
  5. Kendog

    Explosive ember main stem top is dying

    It looks like the stem is broke from picture right in the middle. If that is the case everything above it will die. You can trim that back, but it doesnt matter. It will end up dieing anyway. Thats what the dead leaves look like anyway. It it was me I would just pull the dead leaves out...
  6. Kendog

    Have you ever seen Butch Ts that look like this?

    The bottom look like yellow butch T's. Defidently Scorp. schape though. Maybe the just sent you yellow instead of red?
  7. Kendog


    Yep, I voted as well. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Kendog

    seeds collecting seeds...

    I have collected both ways before. Collected from fresh pods... Also I have collected moldy pods and have had them produce as well. Just as long as the pod is mature you should be fine. No Embro no seed.
  9. Kendog

    Matt's 2012 Grow Log

    Wow looks like you got a nice jump start. I said I would start beginning of this year. I too couldn't control myself. I started Dec 26th. Plants look very healthy. Good luck this growing season!
  10. Kendog


    Hello from IN. Welcome to being member status. The obsession continues.......
  11. Kendog

    Is "Worlds Hottest" just a myth for the backyard garden?

    Well when your talking about Superhots with bhuts and nagas,scorpians you are talking about heat. The hottest jalapeno doesnt come close to this type of heat. Of course you get peppers that are not that hot then some that are extreme but you should be in for a suprise. What I would do is check...
  12. Kendog

    merry xmas

    Merry Christmas!
  13. Kendog

    Dear Santa

    Nice. I like how the salutations were proper at 1st then went sour, then went back to nice again. Cracked me up. Was almost like.... ummm my bad. :)
  14. Kendog

    wanted Looking to start the new year off right - need seeds to complete collection

    Thanks for everyones help and PM's. I cant say enough on how gratefull I am with this community. I got my last christmas present from you all that helped contribute.
  15. Kendog

    wanted Looking to start the new year off right - need seeds to complete collection

    I want to start growing here beginning of next year and am looking for the following to complete my collection Monkey Face Datil Purple Flash Black Pearl Chocolate Habanero Fatali I have the following for trade (unless you want to just give me seeds I need to help me out which is all good)...
  16. Kendog

    free Free Seeds with SASE

    Sent out jbeer32 and pepperjam today. Will send bushwack when I get a chance to get to the post office. Sorry for the delay. This week is kinda crazy. I might not get there til Saturday.
  17. Kendog

    after effects

    Maybe also you didnt have enough in your stomach before you ate it. I tried a douglah for the 1st time a few months ago. Only thing I had for breakfast. By the time I ate lunch I had so bad of stomach pains I didnt eat lunch. I suffered until mid afternoon before they went away about the...
  18. Kendog

    free Free Seeds with SASE

    I sent out Biscgolf, Trini, Perry from Seattle, FLchilehead, buck77, Smitter Q, and Kevin from Indiana. These are what I have received so far...