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  1. McGoo

    gadgets Instant Read thermometer

    I have two thermapens. I bought them mainly for bbq meats, and they are worth the money if you are serious about cooking.
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    I was just wondering if tapatalk was available. I look at multiple forums, and having them all under tapatalk would make life easier. For me anyway.
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    Always hummus. Is it wrong to tell your work partner they are being an arrogant twat?
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    Anyone tried Windows 7 yet?

    The best thing about 98 and 98se was the feeling of satisfaction when pressing enter to c:>format c: /q IMHO! Constant BSODs, couldnt leave it running fo rmore than 48 hours without major errors, no thanks. XP pro is still being run on my home machine, windows 7 on the laptop, its good enough...
  5. McGoo

    Finally got a newer computer again!

    I do half my browsing on a P3 900, 256MB RAM and 13 inch screen. I love it because its a panasonic CF-18 toughbook with touchscreen, makes it infinitely more useable, plus I can carry it with me anywhere and not get too worried about moisture (its drop-resistant, water-resistant...
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    Is this wrong?

    Cant believe no-one has mentioned this: Its a home made, paintball gun toting computer guided automatic sentry, using servos from remote control toys and custom made software. Just make sure you dont get in the line of fire.
  7. McGoo

    Finally got a newer computer again!

    Oh, whatever you do be nice to the power supply in those SFF HP units, they are a bitch to swap out (had to do one last week). You can swap the motherboard in half the time it takes to simply remove the PSU!
  8. McGoo

    Finally got a newer computer again!

    I have just been playing with a server Im setting up for a buddy, Quad core Xeon with 8GB RAM and lots of other goodies. All in a little 1U case, doesnt do justice to what is inside it. Although, its damn noisy for what it does, especially before the environment drivers load into bios and all 12...
  9. McGoo

    Finally got a newer computer again!

    I just got some old hardware up and running after a week of scratching my head and trying to remember how to mod windoze boot CDs to load in drivers (needed to load SCSI drivers during install, without a floppy drive). My uncle is a headmaster and he gets to decide what to do with the old...
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    Need help installing a HD

    If it hangs while copying files to the hard drive, that is often a bad RAM chip somewhere, eliminate this problem by removing one RAM chip at a time and see if it helps. If you arent confident doing this, go to a shop. If it hangs when rebooting, it may be getting stuck on the master boot record...
  11. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    Okay, so apparently I have a really bad memory. I sent the bomb away on Monday, but forgot to mention it until now. I also had my last exam today, the two may be linked. Anyway, it went out registered post Monday afternoon to the address PM'd to me, tracking number is 5830530301013, I have a...
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    event check this out # 3

    Awesome work there Dave.
  13. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    pm received, I'll be sending it out shortly, may be delayed for a few days as I have 3 exams over the next three days, they are taking priority right now, sorry. I will try and get it ready, and then get my wife to mail it, might be quicker.
  14. McGoo

    Clean out your mailbox! :P

    Clean out your mailbox! :P
  15. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    Junglerain I probably did see them, just forgot to write them down is all :) I know my seeds arent that amazing, but I either have a handful of good ones, or hundreds of more mainstream ones, so I thought I would bulk up the parcel.
  16. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    Okay so... This was what I recieved: 2x Choc fatalli - O 1X Choc Bhut - O 2x 7 pots - O 2 x MEM Jolokia - O 4 X G4 COBRA chilli - O 5x Scotch Bonnett red - O 9X XXX HOT CHILLIMAN SPICE MIX 3x Goats Weed-OP 3x Tabasco-OP 3x Spitfire -OP - (NOVAS un-identified) 3x Aji Lemon-OP 180x Dorset...
  17. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    If I find one in time I might put an old alarm clock in it, a really noisy one. And maybe something on the outside about 'new beginnings'.
  18. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    Oh, and thanks to Jungle Rain for sending it as well :)
  19. McGoo

    CSB -2009 Seed Trading Parcel for AUSTRALIA!

    Pipe bomb has arrived! Very nice work on the packaging there Nova, well done. I will go through it over the weekend and get it out on monday, who am I sending it to? I have only had a brief look, saw some nice little jars that could be fun! Something I hadnt considered, if someone is sending...
  20. McGoo

    Season 2009 JungleRain

    Good selection of superhots there.