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    misc Where to find tiny baggies?

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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    Not so, kahm yeast infestation is the white stuff common in lacto fermentation that so many confuse with mold.
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    I have a Harsch crock that I sometimes use for sauerkraut. They are not without their issues, price being the main one and the stone weights require special care (sanitation or covering) to prevent the growth of kahm yeast and molds. What I ferment in the $120 Harsch crock I can also ferment...
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    I elimination the air space all together. I ferment in 1/2 gallon wide mouth Ball canning jars. Quarts work too. I fill the jar with goods to within an inch or so of the rim. I weigh down the contents with a clear glass tea candle holder. Watch the size on these, many are a bit too big to fit...
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    Nesco for Jerky

    They work good for peppers, other veggies and such...but I hate them for jerky...a pain in the butt to clean....even after spraying with oil. If you have a gas oven....that's best for jerky....impale jerky strips on a SS skewer and hang from oven grates with two "S" hooks.
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    Hot Sauce question

    Have they given you feedback on the changes? Those who've actually tasted your sauce are the ones who can give the best advice.
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    Order Has Shipped From

    They do need to improve their email communications. I sent several specific questions about culivars in preparation for an order about 8 months ago and never got an answer. I don't plan to order until I do. :confused:
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    Pictures from AjiJoe - 2011 Grow-Out

    This is crazy! Why did you start the other thread? :crazy:
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    Need to Identify culprut

    Have you (or anyone else) used any type of herbicide (particularly Roundup or the like) in or near your yard? The veins of the yellow young leaves don't look green in the pic, but if they are (when the older leaves look mostly normal) my second guess is iron deficiency.
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    hot-sauce TABASCO┬« Family Reserve

    It does say on their website that the peppers for family reserve come from Avery Island....we were also told that pepper seed is grown there.
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    hot-sauce TABASCO┬« Family Reserve

    Few peppers are grown on Avery Island, the bulk of the peppers come from central and south least that's what we were told on our trip to the Tabasco visitor center and sauce factory.
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    Pictures from AjiJoe - 2011 Grow-Out

    Just curious why you started another thread and then brought the conversation back here? What was the purpose of the other thread? :?:
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    pepper id contest

    I still maintain that it's Brazilian Rainbow. :cool:
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    contest Vote! Five Dollar Feast

    Plus the fact the the flan is something that was prepared, not just an accompaniment like bread. Again, is wasn't an easy decision...they all look good...but only one gets the vote. :)
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    contest Vote! Five Dollar Feast

    Yes, but most others used as many or more staples. :)
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    contest Vote! Five Dollar Feast

    They all look good, but my vote goes to the person who I think made best and most appealing use of the $5 in ingredients without heavy reliance on staples. :)
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    pepper id contest

    My guess is Brazilian Rainbow...
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    contest Begin! Five Dollar Feast

    That looks very good SalsaLady. I so wanted to participate but I'm away from home for a family reunion this weekend. :(
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    Questions on making sauce

    Sorry I missed your question until now..... Here's the meter I have......
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    breeding Another Hybrid breeding question

    Here's the homepage......