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    photography Lightning storm last night.

    Beautiful lighting show (none strikes) lighting is always beautiful to see , unless you're a person that works outside. Lighting strikes are more dangerous than people think they are !
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    You know what really grinds my gears?!?

    DMV - (Department of Motor Vehicle ) The need to make a appointment with them for things, while they have 5+ people behind the counter and only serving 2-3 at a time. Yet I could of been in /out done without their BS 1 day ago or 30mins ago waiting on appointment . Seriously need to...
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    hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

    Scotch Bonnet hot sauces are one of my favorites, tasty with heat.
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    hot-sauce The most expensive hot sauce on the market

    Let us all come back to reality, hot sauce is nothing more than basic ingredients even if pure capsicum is added (which that might be worthy of a added price since the labor) Though in the end hot sauce is only worth what the next person is willing to pay you for it, kind of like crypto, who's...
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    craziest things you have seen in public

    And what are you pointing to ?
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    favorite Favorite supermarket sauce?

    It's a great question, though limited as to what they have to choose from locally, which then comes down to a locality thing. Yet the responses expand the listeners to other choices they may have not known of.
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    First Carolina Reaper of the season!

    The name in its self made me Leary of eating a whole pod, do you agree ? I ate a 1/4 of the pod, again very tasty... then wait for it.... heat kicks in. I'd say it's one of the most flavorful chili pods I've tried.
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    misc Earliest hot peppers?

    Growing locations is a huge factor as to what works for you. Thais work wonders for me in shorter seasons. And to think about it which is strange since Thailand is ripe for growth since warm climate, yet the Thai chiles excel at short colder climates, go figure.
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    First Carolina Reaper of the season!

    I'll agree one of the best tasting peppers, the fruity flavor at start.....then bam the heat kicks in.
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    off-topic ‘Fart In A Jar’ TikToker Pivots To Selling Her Fart Jars As NFTs

    TikToker / Influencer = NOBODY of importance in the real world of life !!! In fact I rank my toilet paper that I wipe my a$$ & flush down the drain a step above influencers !
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    hot-sauce Sriracha sauce shortage

    I'll live if it's not on the shelves, if I was in a dire need of hot sauce & it was there I'll take it, otherwise nothing special ! Though the old pics of different flavors spark my interest to try those flavors.
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    favorite Favorite supermarket sauce?

    What's your favorite supermarket hot sauce ? Not a great question since every location is different for what they offer locally & the fact that changes also over the years, I remember years ago hot sauce selections were very limited & offered, now a days more spice (hot sauce) is being offered...
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    hot-sauce Whatcha gonna do?

    It has been many years since I've tried Tapatio, bought a bottle didn't like the taste of it at all, to a point anytime I see that label marked on a product for its flavor I'll pass on it. Cholula is a far better tasting hot sauce !
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    music Hair Metal

    You want Dokken, gotta love the hair & clothes & the cheese has been aged !                 Ok sorry link not fully working to show on this website, link still works, I'm not dealing with the visual link right now to post, sorry. I picked wrong link or not ?
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    music Hair Metal

        I got introduced to Helloween early years of " Wall of Jericho" which was heavier than the " 7 keys " albums. The 7 keys is a great concept album ! ( Not # II) # II is "ok"   Rockin' with Dokken is always great ! Though " Back for the attack " album SUCKS ! except for maybe 2 songs at most...
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    music Anybody like Pink Floyd?

    Does anyone like Pink Floyd ? Stupid question ! Young kids liked them during their drug years... Older folks like them for their melody of music.....though these may be the same drug induce young kids from years ago ? I like Pink Floyd, their music is great ! The later years I prefer.
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    World Naked Gardening Day

    Oh Wow, TMI to see, All I have to say !
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    First We Feast / Hot Ones on YouTube

    I've watched some episodes of my favorite celebrities. It's funny to watch, some can handle the heat while some are just wimps to spice & I'd be like " Serious ! you can't handle that ! " It's all good, you like spice or not ! If it's all real, I'm all for this show !
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    hot-sauce Collecting some sauces

      A start is a start, though 3 of those flavors I'd refuse to buy, my preference of flavor.         Let's remember hot sauce changes color over time ! Those hot sauces turn into some funky odd nasty colors over couple years.       That's what I do..... save the empty bottles I've consumed, for...
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    plant Chilli plant bought in Brazil - insanely hot

    Ok maybe I missed the detailed info here or lack the knowledge of UK customs, though I have a feeling customs are fairly universal  But, How does one " Buy a plant 2 days ago in Brazil "  & be from the UK & get that past customs ! to their home in the UK ? EVERYWHERE ELSE  its confiscated ...