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    Trinidad? what is this gonna be? pic Updated

    pump for more answers
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    Help Pepper People Please!!!

    A few things you need to do. 1. Your small plants need to stay in the shade. All they will need is daylight. They are simply too small for ANY direct sunlight that was in the 95degree. Even mature plants will suffer and die. 2. Water your plants in the morning at the soil if you live in...
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    breeding Question on cross pollinating

    I have questions about cross pollination. Does it matters which specie is the female? regarding of dominance. (assuming the cross is a crossable) If you crossed Chinense male and female is an Annuum. The F1 plant will looks like Annuum or doesnt matter? and vice-versa? Thanks all.
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    Official Bubblegum 7 Pot thread

    Hi guys, I am in California and would love to join the BBG's grower club for the next season. Does anyone mind to provide some seeds for bbg and others varieties, i would much appreciated. I will do my best to reimburse the expense cost. Please PM me so we can get something worked out...
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    Trinidad? what is this gonna be? pic Updated

    I am sorry but what is tbh stands for?
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    Trinidad? what is this gonna be? pic Updated

    actually that was the left over seeds i got..i did remember that i bought seeds from a very reputable seller in this forum. tscorpion tbh? trinidad scorpion tbh? what is tbh lololol...
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    Trinidad? what is this gonna be? pic Updated

    Hi all, please help IDing this sucker. Thanks in all. NEW PICTURES OF RIPED PODS OLD PICTURES...
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    Alien Invasion - 1st season growing...HELP!!!!

    I think it looks more like pepper weevil, I really don't want to get rid of the plant. Is there any foliar spray that I can use? Like neem, organic ....etc Thanks
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    Alien Invasion - 1st season growing...HELP!!!!

    Hey guys, I'm having a big problem my pods dropping...and this is what I got species is annumn and pepper plant name is Mayan Pepper. I have no idea how this happened nor having any solutions to stop this.. Losing over 50 pods already. Any inputs would be greatlyh appreciated..I...
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    I bet 100% my arms and legs those caused by baby-slugs. Lift up ur pots they're under your pots.
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    Advice needed...

    I have 66 holes tray, dimension of 1.75x1.75x2.5in deep each. All of my plants are on the 3rd set of leaves and are about 4in tall. I just moved them out to a larger cup. For my situation, I thought it was perfect, because there were enough roots in each of them when I moved them. If I were...
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    Foliar Spray - very informative, would like to share

    Requesting Admin to temporary pinned this topic so more people can read.
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    Foliar Spray - very informative, would like to share

    Please refer to the link below for the original info, all credit will pass toward that link Information below is extracted from the link above. Organic Gardening – Foliar Feeding           Healthy well-balanced organic soil...
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    shopping Cal Mag & Micro Nuts Products Comparison

    Assuming that Im using Maxi Bloom to treat cal-deficiency for soil application as well as foliar spray. Should I be concerning the higher concentration of calcium 10% and nitrogen 10%, in maxi bloom? Also, if youre reading the product recommendation of Maxi-bloom. Would you be concerning about...
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    strange lumpy curling leaves, be it white flies or the insecticidal soaps?

    Picture please, picture ASAP,,,,,,, sounded like broad mites attack.
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    indoor Thrips in indoor hydro system!

    What exactly are those suckers...species name? I noticed I have an army of them near my water tank outside. I sprayed them with dish soap mixed with water higher concentrated than normal...but they came back...sighhhhh
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    shopping Cal Mag & Micro Nuts Products Comparison

    FloraMicro 5-0-1 (Left), Maxi Cal10-0-0 (middle), Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus 2-0-0 (Right) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciate We can also talk about the pro and cons of each product for soil application, foliar spray..etc thanks FloraMicro GrowMore Maxi Cal
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    Please enlightening me

    hello to all the pros and non pro out-there (this post is for Container growth outdoor only, and for some inground) I am confused with way how, when and what to feed my pepper plants. Maybe with a few opinions and questions here and there will solve my problem. Let me explain. STAGE 1. I...
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    foliar sprays?

    Sorry, but please count me in. What is super-tonic, whats in there. Otherwords, what is it, and how to make it. Thanks