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  1. BonniePepperRob

    chinense *#@%$& Bhuts!!

    Try washing ur hands mineral turpentine... the same thing u thin oil based paints with. Then wash with soap.
  2. BonniePepperRob

    Hurrying Ripening

    Right at the end of ur season, pick em and let em sit in a bowl on ur counter for a week to 10 days. They should ripen over that period, even the very small ones. I've not really noticed a drop in heat or flavour by pickin em green n lettin em ripen. But then again, i don't eat em whole so...
  3. BonniePepperRob

    How much is too much?!

    Last season i had 15 plants of which 3 were given to my folks. This year i'll have maybe about 40 ranging across perhaps 20 varieties. i'll probably give away about 15 of those and end up with maybe 25. Definately this year with say 25 plants i'll have more pods than i can consume. But hey...
  4. BonniePepperRob

    Garbage Set-Out Day

    i bloody love junk chuck out days. Never know what u will find :)
  5. BonniePepperRob

    chinense Bhut Jolokia from

    ha ha ... better tuck that lip in boi fo you get it caught on a trip wia! lol... chuckling :lol:
  6. BonniePepperRob

    pics Sweet and mild pepper discussion +pics

    Thanks for the 'heads up' Potawie
  7. BonniePepperRob

    pics Sweet and mild pepper discussion +pics

    Mild ones for me this year are Bishops Crown, Atomic Heart, Red Hot Cherry, and Ball chilli. I think i'd like to try tobago seasoning this year as well.
  8. BonniePepperRob

    What are these fat boys?

    Thanks Badger, but these were labelled Chilli "Ball" and were the same thing as what i have here.
  9. BonniePepperRob

    Habanero Garden 2009

    Looks wicked mate :)
  10. BonniePepperRob

    What are these fat boys?

    How weird is this, i went into another store today and randomly there's the same fat lil chilli's sitting there lookin at me. They were labeled "Chilli Ball Pepper". I guess that means whats called Ball Pepper here in Oz is simply a type of cherry pepper. Case solved :) yey
  11. BonniePepperRob

    What are these fat boys?

    Ok thanks guys, looks like i've got cherry peppers :) Can't wait to get em sprouted. How prolific are they usually? light, medium, heavy?
  12. BonniePepperRob

    What are these fat boys?

    Cherry hey?... but aren't cherry peppers supposed to grow up, n not hang down like these seem to do? Also, they are a bit bigger than what i would have thought cherry peppers to be. There was a bigger one in the store that i didn't buy cuz looked a lil old (going soft in spots). It was easily...
  13. BonniePepperRob

    What are these fat boys?

    Hi Guys, Found these last night in a lil fruit n veg joint on the far side of town. Never seen em before, they're wicked tho. Unfortunately the folks in the store didn't know what they were, they kind of looked at me blankly when i asked. Heat rating of only about 4 or 5, but they're so juicy...
  14. BonniePepperRob

    Another chilli id thread

    look like antillais caribbean to me....
  15. BonniePepperRob

    "Super Chili"?

    If it ripens to a yellowie orange then it could be a siam yellow... its got the right shape... but on second thoughts, i could be bloody anything lol :)
  16. BonniePepperRob

    breeding So I've got this cross....

    They look to be very cool peppers my friend, and an interesting thread...
  17. BonniePepperRob

    Why so many pods?

    maybe in my case its genetics, as i did get both orange habs from the same place together, but big fat summer pods from both plants, grown in the height of the growing season still usually only have 6-8 seeds. Its weird...
  18. BonniePepperRob

    Found This MONSTER Munching on one of My Peppers...

    ha ha ha ... love ur work dude... !
  19. BonniePepperRob

    Why so many pods?

    My orange habs will usually have only about 6-8 seeds in them, even when really big pods, but a red hab or scotch bonnet will have many times that number. Dunno why...
  20. BonniePepperRob

    Why so many pods?

    Moyboy, Every two weeks i was applying 20 : 2.2 : 9 tomato food, and seasol. Once a month i was giving em fish poo from my pond and aquarium filters. Eventually i guess they just used up whatever Magnesium and Calcium was in the original potting mix and ran out of puff. I was too heavy on...